Please America… Fund Something Useful

No offense to any American budget regulators, but I hate you. All of this money and they fund literally nothing useful. I mean 25% of their spending basically just goes to blowing people up and sending young men and women to die in vain for oil. And I really don’t know what the hell they do with the remaining 75%. It’s sure as hell not funding their stupid bureaucracy.

Now, this is absolutely not directed towards the people who work in these bureaucracys as I’m sure they suffer just as much if not more from this garbage system than I do. But they need to give these people better technology. I mean they basically take care of every single important document that pertains to our lives and they aren’t even given computers made after the fall of the Roman Empire.

As a newly naturalized American Citizen, I had to obtain a social security number before I could go to the DMV and get my permit. It took SEVEN MONTHS to get my SSN because they couldn’t process my docs for three months, and misspelled my name three different times before they got it right. I mean the whole backbone of our country is being run by a bunch of Commador 64s and Macintosh Computers. And before someone starts thinking Oh well there’s a whole lot of Government employees in the U.S. how would they be able to fund that? Well, if they took a few dollars out of their stupid defense budget and used it for something that actually benefits people, maybe they could buy a few computers made after the birth of Christ.

Cartoon Credit : Ehab Badwi

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