Top 6 overweight rappers

This is a half list, half internet roundup. Have a good one!

1)Biggie- main reason: not needed.

Biggie Smalls is undoubtedly the best rapper of all time. His lyrics were just as good as Tupacs but were presented with a much better flow. Also, bro was very large.

PC: Discogs

2)Action Bronson- main reason: shows, music, size, working out.

Action Bronson is my favorite rapper and chef and whatever he is of all time. His shows on vice are all incredible, his music has become my favorite of any rapper, his cookbook and olive oil are fantastic, and his workout journey recently has transformed him from short and wide to literally looking like the incredible hulk.

VC: Munchies

3)Rod Wave- main reason: good-ass music.

Rod Wave makes my favorite music to sing. He doesn’t get enough credit for his voice, which is actually really good, as most people tend to focus on the fact that he is 350 pounds and 5’6. Bro is wide.

VC: Rod Wave

4)Big Pun- main reason: size alone.

He’s 700 pounds. That’s all.

VC: Big Pun

5)Rick Ross- main reason: pears.

Monster is a top 5 song of all time, and also just about the only Rick Ross song I can name. He is just on the list for his two biggest fat guy moves of all time: pretending he likes pears and owning an insane amount of Wing Stops. “I eat pears now and shit like that…shout out to all the pear.”- Big Boss Rick Ross

VC: Spencer Mutsch

Honorable Mentions:

DJ Khaled- main reason: antics.

DJ Khaled is without a doubt the most interesting man alive. He documents everything on his Snapchat, from crashing a jet ski to getting lost on a jet ski. He always feels the need to drop motivational inspirational quotes that make no sense and always must say the most random stuff. He truly lives the most mysterious and magical life. He quit on hot ones after one wing but said “even tho I stopped I ain’t give up”. Though he doesn’t rap and his production career is questionable, he still films himself lathering his big ass with soap in his shower in his mansion in Miami. Enjoy some of his best moments as compiled below.

VC:Young Jizzle
VC: AkademiksTV

VC: Brody the Biz

VC: Parus Boghani

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