Poetry, again

I lift weights

I have mates

My least favorite fruit is dates

I’m currently looking for good insurance rates

I love playing Crazy Eight’s

When my mom gets angry she throws plates

I work at the docs, carrying crates

Our future awaits;

This poem needs someone to narrates.

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Pilgrim Game

Yesterday, we had our second volleyball game against the Pilgrim School. The first time we played them it was at their court which was nice cause it was indoor and stuff, but this time it was a home game. Having it as a home game definitely makes a difference too. We have an outdoor grass court which is far different from an indoor court, you lose a lot of energy jumping on grass compared to jumping on a court, as the grass absorbs a ton of the power you put into the jump to go for a block or spike. Anyway, we did a lot better this time around than when we played them a month or two ago. We were playing our best then but our best was not very good, now we played our best and we held our own. The first time we played them we lost every set and only scored around 12 or 15 points in the three sets, but this time we were able to win two sets which were just awesome. We have never played like that before and we might not again, but honestly, I’m proud of what we did. This is the first year that our school has even had a boys volleyball team ever, and not a single one of us has ever played competitive volleyball in our entire lives. But man do we love it. I think it might be the favorite sports season we’ve had for most if not all of us even though we are probably not going to win the league like we have for the other two sports seasons. Despite our complete lack of experience, we have some incredible players that have held it down for the team in quite a few games. Anyway, next year we are going to beat Pilgrim for sure, we will all have more experience and since none of us are seniors, we will be playing with the same group of guys we have been playing with this year which means we won’t have to relearn the game and how we play with one another. Anyway, I love volleyball and I think our game against Pilgrim only reinforced that love for the sport.

BYU men's volleyball one win away from national title
Photo Credit- Salt Lake Tribune https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2021/05/06/byu-mens-volleyball-one/

A Pattern

The reason that we as a class in journalism write these blogs weekly is that some of us enjoy writing about stuff and sharing our opinions but it is also a required project for the class. The blogs are all graded by a rather strongly opinioned small person who very much so has a specific type of blog that they enjoy reading and that they grade highly. For example, if you the reader were to guess what kind of blog that I have written has done the best I’d be willing to bet that you’d probably be wrong in your assumption. Out of all my blogs, there are six about video games, ten about me and my life, and three about music or tv shows. Out of all these blogs on average I tend to receive lower grades on ones about video games and sports, I don’t know if this is because of the fact that I can be a mediocre writer at times or just a consistent thought process from the grader. Also, I don’t know if it’s just because it’s me or something but all my blogs about my various injuries such as breaking my arm or the stitches that I have gotten in the past. But I tend to score higher on injury stories and blogs about music. And it might make sense to lean into that but I ran out of injuries to write about at this point in time. And yes I could write about music but I don’t really have any new music I’m listening to right now it’s just some old stuff. Personally, I feel like it would be interesting to see how the journalism members’ grades would change if the grading of blogs was put in the hands of someone else. Would it be a positive impact or a negative one, there are a couple of students that I think would make my grade go up because of their common interest in video games and anime. But on the other hand, I feel like certain students might grade me poorly just as a general dislike towards my writing topics and or me as a person. I don’t think that I would be a good grader because of the fact that I am not the greatest person at noticing errors in writing.

Image Credit: Readers Digest