Today is the last day of my childhood,

Tomorrow I will be an adult.

It means I’ll have more freedom, I’ll be able to buy more goods, drive (in China), book a hotel room…

By ascending to that place, it also means leaving some of my old life behind. Things will be renounced.

It’s a different world that I’m about to touch. Letting go is always easy, when you put a title on yourself and pretend to be someone you’re not, you become that someone.

But this time, I am willing to change, and I’m excited for the upcoming changes. I guess that’s what growing up is.


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Growing Up and Avocados

I’ve always walked a fine line of being perfectly healthy and utterly unhealthy.

I never drink soda, energy drinks, or coffee. I don’t like donuts because they’re too sweet for me.

However, I do have impulses to eat any and all food in front of me without any self control to stop, especially when it comes to binge-worthy snacks like chips or cookies, though I rarely buy them on my own. I always got excited for random road trips where we stop at McDonalds for McFlurries or fries. I never liked vegetables as a kid. I liked the basic ones like corn and carrots, sometimes peas or green beans, but I would be repulsed at the sight of an avocado back in the day.

But, lately, something has changed.

My family always said it’d happen eventually, that I’d eventually start liking the vegetables. I’d always say no to them when we’re out at restaurants and laughed at them for thinking I’d change. Vegetables were disgusting, weren’t they?

But the last several times I’ve had fast food, I’ve felt sick to my stomach and just thinking about having it makes me sick. I bought snacks today, but just a couple bites made me put them back in the drawer and I’ve had no desire to bring them out like I usually do. I’ve said no thank you to ordering desserts at restaurants and haven’t had anything else to drink this week except water and half a strawberry lemonade.

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Then, there’s the vegetables. Brussel sprouts have become one of my top favorite vegetables and I get excited for them when they’re at restaurants. Whenever I go home and my uncle asks me what I want for dinner, I get more excited about asparagus than anything else and lately I’ve had a strong craving for guacamole, something I used to cringe at the thought of.

I guess it’s weird. I didn’t imagine the day I’d like avocados – or any other vegetable for that matter – would ever come, but it did. It might just be my taste buds changing, but I guess it’s just a part of growing up.

“Time… and I Have Gone Away”

When I was younger, I thought that by the time I was this age, I would have everything figured out.

Obviously, I haven’t lived up to that expectation. Looking back, I really didn’t have a clue what I would be, considering I thought High School Musical movies were a credible source for what teenagers are like.

Now that I’m actually in high school, I know that the expectations I had for this age were completely unrealistic. It’s definitely not as glamorous and there are far less organized musical numbers than I had envisioned.

But, when I think about who I will be in five or ten years, I picture some perfect version of myself. I’ll be kind and successful and doing all of the things that I wish I could be doing right now. I won’t be insecure about how I look, how I speak, or anything else that I care about now. I’ll have grown out of it by then, because I’ll have realized that it doesn’t matter.

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I’m sixteen now, but I’m still fantasizing about my future self, just like I did when I was six years old, and my expectations are still probably just as ridiculous.

I like to think that once you grow up, you know yourself completely. I like to imagine that I’ll have it figured out. I won’t have to picture the type of person I want to be, because I’ll already be that person.

In a perfect world, it would work like that. But, this world is far from perfect, and so am I.

I don’t think anyone ever fully grows out of certain things. We learn and grow our whole lives, but it’s not like everything just magically falls into place one day.

When all is said and done, I just hope that who I am in ten years is someone I’d like to know now.

How Old?

Nowadays, age means nothing. Due to the school system, children standardly grow up with friends either in the same grade, or one grade higher or lower. If one’s sibling is a few years apart, they might socialize with their sibling’s friends, but that’s the extent of it.

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Married couples are often multiple years apart, but at that age it’s not considered odd. At a younger age, however, it would be weird if people were to date even three years up. The age gap of friendships/relationships is a double standard, and it’s simply weird to reflect on how that evolves with age.

More controversially, milestones that come with age seem to be happening at younger and younger ages. Only a few years after reaching double digits, children are drinking and doing drugs. Maturing at such a young age leaves nothing for these adolescents to do at later points in their lives. This premature maturing is detrimental to the children, and it messes with cultural norms.

Getting Older

Today was my 18th birthday and I had a spectacular time. It ushered in a new time of life for me, one that I look forward to and yet dread at the same time.

I find it odd that today, the US government considers me an adult. Now when I drive way to fast I get much harsher penalties, if I get caught with drugs I go to real jail, I have now become “responsible”.

I understand there has to be a cut off at some point but it still is a lot to comprehend. It really started to settle in when I got my draft card and realized the easy and fun part was kind of over.

I am not intimidated by having stricter punishments and more responsibility. Maybe a little bummed but I also look forward to it.

We in this country still treat turning 18 as a big deal although I don’t see it that way. All I am looking forward to is voting for Obama, not buying cigarettes (which I find disgusting along with cigars) like some of my peers.

I still don’t understand how I can vote, serve in the military and purchase pornography yet I cannot drink alcohol for another three years. It seems absolutely ridiculous to me but what’s new?

As I get older, I see more and more oddities in our society. But I also accept them more easily and find ways of getting around them in a quicker and more efficient manner.

So here is to being an “adult”!


Youth is something people long to get and long to get rid of.

I’ve heard people yearning:

“I wish I was eighteen, now.”

“I wish I was twenty-one!”

“I wish I was a teenager again.”

“I wish I could skip high school and just go into life as an adult.”


“I wish I could go back to high school; just one more time.”

But why wish would you wish to be another age then the one you are?

If you’re young, a teenager, you have so much of life ahead of you. Every move you make can lead into the next big adventure or the next life-changing event. If you miss those moments then what is life when you’re older? How would you be if you just skipped some of the most important years of your lives when you shape who you are and how you live?

And if you’re older, wishing for the “glory days” of high school and college, don’t. If you’re old, it doesn’t mean you’re uncool, it means you’ve lived through more and seen more than any of us could imagine. If you’re 103, you’re one of the strongest people alive. You’ve lived through both world wars, a depression, countless of economy scares and who knows what else? You’ve lived life, and you shouldn’t try to hide it.

So whether or not you’re old or young or somewhere in between, don’t wish to be another age. Be happy with what you have experienced and what you are about to. Cherish life, because it might be the only one we have.