Street Art Revolution

I have always loved art, but not so much in a gallery, while I appreciate it, what really gets me happy is street art.

Street art is one of those things that you always have to appreciate.

I’m not saying all the ugly gang tags on the side of a bridge, but when you see something that someone has taken time to do, and invested more than just money into you have to stop and think about it.

Street art is an ever growing movement.

When people see actual street art and call it graffiti, it actually isn’t correct.

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Nobody Likes Nicholas Cage

At least no one that I’ve ever met does.

Recently a video of Cage arguing with his wife has unveiled and apparently he’s been arrested.

The article states that Cage was arrested while arguing with his wife, extremely intoxicated, and pretty mush having a hissy fit.

In all honesty Nicholas Cage isn’t even a good actor and seems to ruin every movie that he’s in. He’s been around of ages and has only been nominated for a few awards and has hardly actually won any. I don’t understand why the keep asking him to be in movies! It’s ridiculous.

I mean just look at him freak out.

In all honesty that doesn’t look like good acting to me. It does look pretty embarrassing though. He kind of looks like a wet cat. Not to mention every time he comes out on the screen or starts going on one of his emotional rants, my friends and I can’t help but hold in out laughter.

I’m sorry if you do actually like Nicholas Cage, but I am definitely not a fan.