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I sat in my chair sitting not believing what I had just heard.  Another student had just told me that you cheated on me the whole relationship and he’s pretty sure you left me for her.

I know it’s been a year and I happy in my current relationship, but for some reason, it stings a little.

Actually, it stings a lot.  I am no longer in love with you and still wonder why I ever was, but I still can’t believe it was all a game to you.  You were the first person I gave my full heart to, the person I trusted everything with, and the person I was ready to do anything for.

I wish you just told me so I didn’t find out from someone else or that you left me before you cheated because honestly, that would have hurt less.

If I would have found this out before I found my current boyfriend, I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to trust anyone again.  I am happy that I moved on and my current boyfriend taught me how much better men can be, but it stings to think about what you did and it’s going to be something I will carry with me in every relationship.

Although I am beyond happy now, I still feel that hurt and betrayal from you, like you stabbed me in the back.


The Three Beasts


On an iron beast that does not smoke.
Where it goes I do not know.

The ride took quite a bit of time.
I waited for the awful chime.

To signal where the ride would end.
Waiting for the Judas friend.

The friend was large and quite a whale.
He told us all to go to hell.

Lurching but staying on the same path.
Not wanting to face realities wrath.

Soon I and another got up and off.
On the last treacherous stop.

Another stopped once we were done.
And ended our terrible mechanical wrong.

A nice steed large and white.
Carried us into the night.