New Games on the Block

Recently there have been some games that have been released or partially released to those who pre-ordered them. Some of the primary games in this category are Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. There are some other games that have come out recently but these are the big two in my personal opinion.

(these are in no particular order of how much I like the game)

First off is Call of Duty Vanguard, this game is a classic Cod (Cod is call of duty for short) it has the basic ideas that show up in most Cods. These characteristics include similar game modes and attachment addons. Gamemodes are as follows Free for all, team deathmatch, capture point, and search and destroy. I look at most Cods as of recently is the Developers just gave the previous game a new coat of paint and called it good, making it not one of my top choices for games.

Image Credit: Forbes

The next game I want to talk about is Battlefield 2042. Battlefield is a first-person shooter or fps for short like Cod but it has its own unique quirks and game modes. To start Battlefield has 3 primary game modes, one is called conquest, in this game mode, you and your team are tasked with controlling as many points on the map as possible while the enemy has the exact same goal making it a fight to the death over point control. The second is called Breakthrough, in this game mode, you and your team have to take points in a consecutive order making your way through the map, because of the points needing to be taken in a certain order it creates more of a centered combat area as opposed to Conquest where it’s just everyone running around. The final game mode is called Hazard zone and it is quite the new idea for the Battlefield franchise. In Hazard zone, you and your team of four are dropped somewhere on the map and are tasked with collecting data drives and extracting via a helicopter to earn in-game currency. Overall Battlefield is built to withstand the abuse that players with put it through because of this it is not made once a year like Call of Duty making the Battlefield games feel more polished.

Image Credit: Game News 24



Video games, what is the draw? Xbox, PS3, Wii, these are all devises that are used for entertainment, what ever happened to the good old stuff? Making dens and mud pies, play fighting, going to the beach and building sand castles, all free, exciting activity’s but many of these past times seem to have been lost.

Fun, exciting, activities now only seem to happen on the screens of ones TV, rather than in the outdoors. Virtual dueling, fighting and building homes, people now indent their sofas with wear, tear and maturity rather than themselves and their clothes. Although many mums see this as a plus, children just don’t gain the experience of learning things hands on.

Many people don’t even know what getting dirty is, the virtual life has kept many clean, vulnerable and in many cases helpless. People may be good at fighting with avatars but in a day-to-day confrontation it is not their Xbox controllers that can help them.

Video games have taken over the human experience. People don’t learn from their mistakes instead they learn from Halo or Call of Duty becoming addicted to the gaming lifestyle.

Although video games can be fun it seems that some people take them far to seriously allowing them to consume their lives, which in my perspective just is not right.

Realistic Games

More and more we are being exposed to the visual creations that at times thousands of people work on to create video games such as Call Of Duty Black Ops, Fifa Soccer 11, God Of War III, and Dirt 3. Those four games I mentioned are the ones I strongly believe possess the greatest graphics and are the most realistic. I have played them all, I have passed them all, I have liked them all.

These games take a player into the world they are trying to depict. The gamer feels like he/she is a part of that world, like he/she is the driver of that race car, even like he/she is a soccer player playing with a team like Manchester United (which is a truly great team btw).

Graphics are a feature which gamers seek when purchasing a game. Great graphics equal a great gaming experience, for example in Call Of Duty Black Ops,

The clarity in this image is lifelike, it makes you want to see more of the creators work. It is truly amazing what these game makers can create.

I never thought that characters in games would look as realistic as a real person, but damn does it amaze me.

The Expendables

After a week of OVS, the weekend is a much-needed reprieve.  With multiple AP classes, being a senior and just being a teenager, life is quite exhausting.

So when that Friday ‘bell’ rings, its time to kick back and enjoy some….male gratuitous violence??

Yeah so for all the guys out there, here is a good list of things to do to get that ‘fix’

1.  Call of Duty: Black Ops.  When playing COD the best option is always zombies.  Being placed in some form of derelict environment with hundreds of brain craving undead after you and the only defense a plethora of automatic weapons.  OH YEAH that’ll do it.

2. ANY RACING GAME. Well when you have the option of crashing a 2.5 million dollar Bugati Veyron into an on-coming Aston-Martin at 250 miles an hour, seriously what could be more fun.  Or perhaps drifting a Ferrari 458 Italia around a 180 degree turn.

3.  But my personal favorite and the highlight of my weekend, was watching the Expendables movie.  Well really any movie with Sylvester Stalone or Jason Stathan is a true adrenaline pumping man’s movie.  The  Expendables movie, though, has both, plus a number of other action-super stars.  With little plot line to speak of, there is really only one thing that the movie has going for it, lots and lots and lots of gratuitous violence.

Gaming, in all its glory

As many people are already aware, I am quite the dabbler when it comes to video games.  Really any kind of game “floats my boat.”  Whether that be shooting terrorists, saving the universe from some alien race or just driving a Bugati Veyron at top spead into oncoming traffic.

The thing is, video games allow one to really do well just about anything.  A lot of people often associate gaming with nerdy or geeky people, and the really only exceptions is frat boys getting together to bust out some Call of Duty multiplayer.

But the truth is, video games are an art form in themselves. The countless months, and sometimes years it takes to create a game is remarkable.  In essence video games create an entire article virtual world with its own laws and physics, when said that way, they seem pretty awesome.

It really is a true business.  As much as designers wished gaming studios ran similar to Grandmas Boy, they don’t. Many designers really put their heart and souls into designing their games.

When I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, russians invade the eastern seaboard, and you play through a war-torn Washington DC, fighting towards the capital building.  In it their is a scene of the half-destroyed Washington monument, and it is really a piece of art.  The entire world is rendered on a computer with the intention of millions of people playing through it in their own ways. Imagine creating a world that can filter and allow millions of different choices and decisions, it like creating another world.

In essence that is what Video games really are. And I dabbler in them whenever I can.