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Death Note to Whitewashing

In an interesting turn of events, Ed Skrein, who was originally set to star in Hellboy, backed out of his role this summer because of his character’s mixed-Asian decent. Now, I’m upset that not enough people are talking about this. … Continue reading

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Asking For It?

TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE Most people that know me can agree that I’m an outspoken feminist. They know that I stand up for women’s rights, try to be politically correct, the list goes on. They know that I love to write … Continue reading

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The Battlefield 4 Youtube Controversy

Over the course of the past three months, gamers and fans of the Battlefield franchise have repeatedly bashed Electronic Arts for releasing a clearly unfinished product. However, the so-called “Battlefield community” is now taking blows at innocent Youtubers, who have … Continue reading

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The Pokemon Controversy

Ever since the release of the first Pokémon games in 1996, hardcore Christians and vicious PETA members have bashed the franchise for its depictions of evolution and alleged “animal abuse.” Pokémon is a franchise of games about a young trainer who embarks … Continue reading

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Power Lines vs. Ravens

What is electricity? Does it give humans solace in the middle of the night? Does it allow for the advancement of mankind? Does it allow lost things to be found? Does it illuminate homes? Does it illuminate streets? Does it … Continue reading

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POWs and how we treat them!!!

POWs (Prisoners Of War) are persons lucky enough or in some cases unfortunate enough to be caught by the “Enemy” during times of war. In some armed conflicts POWs are treated well, most of the time they are  not. Even … Continue reading

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Ashton Kutcher To Replace Charlie Sheen on Hit Comedy “Two and a Half Men”

“Two and a Half Men,” in my opinion, is an absolutely hilarious, enjoyable television show. If you have never watched it, it is about an arrogant bachelor/song writer and his nerdy, uncharismatic brother, and his brother’s unintelligent, lazy son. My … Continue reading

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