I don’t even know what to call this.

I’m mad.

I’m sad.

I’m frustrated.

I want to punch a wall.

I want to cry.

I wanna talk to someone, but I’m scared.  I have brought it up to a few people, but they’re not the ones I want to talk to. But, I don’t know how to talk to you.  I don’t know how to tell you what I’m feeling; I don’t really know what I am even feeling.  But, I know it’s dumb.  I don’t care if you hang out with your friends, but yesterday was a bad day so it annoyed me more than it ever should have.  I don’t care if I see you later on Saturday, I don’t know why it made me upset.

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Clearly, Saturday really isn’t the thing that is getting to me.  But, I don’t really know what is getting to me.  I honestly just miss you and hate how hard it is to see you.  Also, I’m starting to develop real feelings, which I have been scared of, and have been trying to stay away from since last year.  I don’t want to push you away, but I am scared I am going to subconsciously do that.

I have no clue how to bring this up and actually say this to you and I know my hints are too subtle, but I know you’ve read a couple of my blog posts, so hopefully, you’ll read this and understand it.

Falling to New heights!!!

Sky Diving has long been considered an extreme sport, even though in reality it is quite safe. Most people think of sky diving as reckless and perhaps even stupid, Felix Baumgartner plans to take this reputation to new heights.

Currently the record for the worlds highest free fall is 19.5 miles. The jump was made in 1960 from a height of 102,800 ft by retired astronaut Joe Kittinger. Kittinger is currently one of the advisors for Felix as Felix attempts to do what very few people have done before. Other safety officials include Dr. Clark whose wife Laurel died in the Columbia space shuttle crash in 2003. Dr.Clark has since become an expert in Spacecraft emergency escape.

Hopefully Felix’s achievement allow humanity to soar to new heights, and push the limits of what is possible and what is not.


I will never be able to understand fully how these athletes are able to do the things they do on a bicycle. While watching videos of BMX riders I learned that they possess key elements that allow them to do the things they do. They have balance:

They can fly:

They can flip:

And they can fall:

Fall really hard:

So in conclusion I think that this is a tough sport to be a part of and for those who are involved in it I salute you.

I love watching the crazy things that these guys can do on a bike, it simply amazes me every single time. I wish that I was as good as these guys and girls at a sport.

The SkyCoaster

I think it’s safe to assume everyone has been on a swing.  Most people have been to a fair and seen those trampolines that have harnesses and you can do flips in.

Mix those two together and add some extreme.  You might get a general idea of what the CIMI SkyCoaster is like.

This year, the camp introduced the newest edition of CIMI equipment.  The SkyCoaster is essentially, a giant swing.  It stands about 30 feet tall (same as a tyrannosaurs rex) and is located behind the rock wall in the eucalyptus grove near campus.

There  is a pull crew and a catcher on the ground.  The camper straps into a full body harness, climbs a ladder, and is hooked in to a towline; the pull crew wear climbing harnesses with carabiners secured to the towline and pull the camper up 30 feet in the air.

A ripcord is attached to a pulley system and the camper counts to 3, out loud, so the pull crew can brace themselves before the drop jerks the towline. After pulling the cord, the camper falls 3 feet and swings 26 feet out and up into the air.

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