It’s funny how much things can change in a year. This time last May I was still learning how to drive, and today I was confidently driving to LAX on my own. Yes believe it or not I actually can drive. Ok, you may argue not properly but I think I’m pretty pro despite the general consensus among others.

Any way moving on, it’s amazing how much things change and how we change as people over the course of a year. How we grow in different areas, in my mind, is a miracle.

Looking at my self today I am in some ways unrecognizable. I have more confidence, am more mature and actually can see my self in an adult manner. In my eyes I believe I have grown out of that pre adulthood rebellion and am actually acting the age I am.

With my noticed personal growth this year I can’t wait to see what I become in this next year and what changes I undertake.



Today is my birthday.

Birthdays are something we, as kids, cherish. It’s all about “growing up” and “being a big kid,” but when do we really stop and realize what we have? I’m finding that the older I get, the less excited I am for each birthday. Most kids my age are claiming that they’re excited to be 18, for freedom, and 21, for alcohol, but why? Does anyone stop and think that turning 18 is practically being thrown into a lion’s den from the comfy and less hostile world we’re used to? You have to pay for yourself, manage school work, and keep a social life. It’s already hard enough in high school to manage school work along with a social life. Even adults past age 27 or so wish they were younger. Here, in high school, and partially college, everything is set up for us, but when we hit the real world we’re on our own. I don’t want to grow up anymore.