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How Calvin and Hobbes Grows With Me

When I was in elementary school I first encountered Calvin and Hobbes. Since then it has resurfaced in various parts of my life surprisingly more and more topically. Bill Watterson’s perennial comic often addresses the problems and anxieties of growing up, … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

Monogamy as a concept is a strange thing, but little girls are taught from early childhood to believe that it is the ultimate goals. More than half of my friends parents are divorced, often times with one parent leaving the … Continue reading

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growing up

I used to fear the monster under my bed, now I fear the monster that lives within. I used to think that a scratched knee would be the worst pain I ever felt, now I know that the pain that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Today I came home to hear some of the best news I have all week. President Obama hates standardized testing almost as much as I do. The Obama administration has come up with a new plan for standardized testing; capping … Continue reading

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Applications? More like Agitation

Applications, applications, applications. For the past two years that word has been playing in my head like a broken record. I don’t understand why the college process has to be so difficult. I understand that this is a serious decision … Continue reading

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The Plan

The plan so far is to not grow up But to grow grey wrinkled and old The difference between the two Is there But you must find it for yourself

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It’s funny how much things can change in a year. This time last May I was still learning how to drive, and today I was confidently driving to LAX on my own. Yes believe it or not I actually can … Continue reading

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