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do you remember when i broke your hat? i stole it from you so you would chase after me. we ran across the grass, smiling. eventually you tried to grab it out of my hands, but i kept tugging so … Continue reading

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Promise me, Dear Lapland.

Do you remember the promise, Lapland? I know you do. Covering the whole of northern Finland, Lapland is said to be the true home of Santa. No surprise then, this place really comes into its own at Christmas. Imagine cozy … Continue reading

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See you soon.

“I will miss you so much. Take care and love ya.” Here I am, sitting on this particular rock, the place we used to share together, and enjoying the last piece of sunshine of the day. I cried. Stepped into … Continue reading

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You Are My Sweetest Downfall…

I am obsessed with the song Samson by Regina Spektor. Ask my roommate, she knows. What I love the most about the song is not the beautiful, velvety vocals but the lyrics (to be specific, the meaning behind them). It … Continue reading

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I Promise.

I promise, that this was never fake. Don’t you wish that I was forgotten in the wake. I promise, to leave you behind. I promise, to turn my eyes blind. I promise, to break my own heart. I promise, to … Continue reading

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