Promise me, Dear Lapland.

Do you remember the promise, Lapland?

I know you do.

Covering the whole of northern Finland, Lapland is said to be the true home of Santa. No surprise then, this place really comes into its own at Christmas. Imagine cozy log cabins, crackling campfires and husky sleds and reindeer sleighs swishing through the snow. Plus, there are plenty of ways to get out into the wilderness, like snowmobiling and skiing.

And that is the place that hides at almost the northern top of the world, also the deepest corner within my heart.

The original people of Lapland, the Sami, bring a timeless touch to the place. They’ve carved out simple lives in the Arctic wilds for centuries, and many still live like their ancestors. Step into an age-old world of reindeer herding, husky farms and ‘kotas’ – tepee-shaped huts that welcome you with blazing log fires and hot berry juice.

As for resorts, they run from sleepy settlements to modern towns. For some visitors the months of December and January are the most evocative, when the blue twilight of ‘Kaamos’ envelops the arctic landscape and days pass in a palette of rose-colored dawns and dusks. For others it is the long sunny days of March and April, already longer than back home, when snow crystals sparkle in the sunlight and nature is bathed in a surreal orange glow. Whichever time you choose to travel, Lapland offers a refreshingly different experience for families and couples alike, with direct flights from 4 different UK airports, short transfer times, and the chance to visit Santa – of course.

Last but not least, Lapland has one final surprise up its sleeve. The farther north you go, the more likely you are to catch the Northern Lights. These twinkling red and green ribbons regularly drape the sky on clear nights.
Meaningful experiences that stimulate all the senses and feelings, leaving permanent memories are very easy to find in Lapland. Unique weather conditions and the power of nature make the senses much more sensitive to stimulation.

Serene, remote, colorful, innocent … This is the place I long for. This is the promise I am willing to keep forever.
So promise me, I’ll meet you one day, Dear Lapland.

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