App Review: Civilization Revolution


Hello. As anyone who goes to OVS knows, gaming has been banned in the dorms. There is a grayish area however (More of a ignorable area). iPhone Apps, more specifically iPhone Games can be amazing.

The game we will be looking at today is Civilization Revolution, an IOS spin off of the critically acclaimed Civilization series.

In Civilization Revolution you are given an open goal, build a civilization and mold it into a world dominating empire. One of the standout features in this game is the variation in victory. There are four ways to win Civilization Revolution; you must achieve a Technological victory, a Domination Victory, an Economic Victory, or a Cultural Victory.

Upon starting a new game the player must choose a leader for their nation, selectable leaders are drawn from great (sometimes bad) rulers from history. These leaders are not drawn from any one-time period but are as varied as Abraham Lincoln to Cleopatra. The leader you chose effects which city you start in and also gives you a unique ability.

After selecting your leader you are dropped onto a randomly generated continent. You are given one warrior and a city (what you are given varies with difficulty). You are then free to research the basics of civilizations such as writing or pottery (Yes I know the game starts rather slow). As you research more technologies, new technologies become available at a extremely fast rate. It will not take much time (or skill) to be begin researching advanced technologies such as gunpowder or flight. You must choose your research carefully, not necessarily because of the in game time limit, but because of the threats of other nations.


One way to beat Civilization Revolution is to score a Domination Victory. What this means is that your nation has more military power than other nations and has captured other nations capitals. This style of play is among the easiest to pull off and does not require much time. All you have to do is focus on military technologies.

Technological Victory is very similar to Domination Victory. There are some minute differences. When trying to achieve a technological victory you don’t necessarily need to invest all your time researching military technologies. You must diversify your research to access the most advanced technologies, these advanced technologies do not always have military applications. A technological victory will require a player to achieve space flight and build an advanced space station known as Alpha Centari.

One of the most difficult victories to achieve is a Cultural Victory. In Civilization Revolution there is a culture level, as the name suggest this level tell you how much culture your nation has developed. There are ways to increase your culture. One way is by building Great Wonders; Great Wonders are usually (but not always) a historical monument. These Great Wonders include the Great Pyramids and the Internet. These Great Wonders will allow culture to flourish and increases the chance of a great person to appear in your nation. Great Persons are people throughout history who have a reputation for greatness. These great leaders include people from Leonardo Da Vinci to Thomas Edison. With a Great Person you can increase the prestige of your city and potentially convert an enemy city into an ally city. Victory will be achieved when the player builds or develops twenty Great Wonders and/or twenty Great People.

The last type of victory, in my opinion the most difficult, is an Economic Victory (I have yet to achieve one). Economic Victory requires you to hit eight Economic milestones. The strategy for an economic victory is to research technologies that will lead to increase gold production. This is difficult because if do not build up military technology than your cities will be overrun. If you focus on building up your armies however you will never achieve an Economic Victory. This difficult balance is why Economic Victory is so difficult to achieve.

Civilization Revolution is a very easy game to play on Chieftain Difficulty (the easiest difficulty) but takes forever to master. I myself have not been able to beat it on Deity Difficult (the hardest difficulty). If you want an in-depth, strategic game, Civilization Revolution is the game for you.

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