A white Christmas

Finally. After 4 months of not seeing my family, I will soon be home again. In one week I will be on a plane on my way back to Germany and I can’t even put in words how excited I am. I came to the boarding school in the U.S when I was 15. Now, this is my third year going here but every year I don’t see my family for 4 months at a time. I always fly home over Christmas break and the first feeling of stepping out of the airport in Germany is so refreshing. The cold air, the snow, and there they are. My mother, my brother, and our dog. Every year, it is the greatest feeling there is. We drive home and I see our house shining bright with Christmas lights. I open the door and I am greeted by a huge Christmas tree in the living room.

The feeling of finally being home is not comparable to anything else. I step into our garden and play in the snow with our dog. We run around and I go to the lake to see if it has frozen yet. We live close to beautiful mountains, so everyday I walk up with our dog and just sit and watch the beautiful view while it starts snowing. The next day I meet up with my best friend and we go to the famous German Christmas markets in our city. Hot chocolate, waffles, crepe, everything you could imagine for Christmas is right there. All the little shop huts are decorated with lights and snow on top of them. Christmas in Germany is incredibly special to me, and not comparable to anything else.

A beautiful Christmas market in Germany


theres nothing like winter

when the air is crisp

when there are no leaves

when it smells like pumpkin and fire

winter is the best time of year

sipping hot chocolate and watching movies

staying cozy under the blanket

seeing the snow outside

winter is by far the best time of year

going sledding with your buddies

making snowmen with your siblings

throwing snowballs at your friends

winter is like no other

it is a time for family

it is a time to relax

winter is my favorite time of year

Anime Winter Scenery Wallpaper-1 | Winter scenery, Winter wallpaper,  Scenery wallpaper

Art Credit: Pintrest.com

Skiing and surfing in the same month?

Ojai Valley School is really big on outdoor education, so we have a lot of camping trips throughout the academic year. I realized that in this month of March, I’m going on two trips that are for opposite types of activities. One is the Mammoth Mountain skiing trip and the other is a beach camping trip.

I just came back from the Mammoth Mountain skiing trip. I can’t move as much as usual because my arms, legs, and neck are sore from skiing and snowboarding. I can’t even think about surfing right at this moment, but I need to in a week, so I hope I feel better by then.

This experience – to have both of these trips happen in the same month – is only possible in California. It is crazy to think the weather can be this different in one state. I’m from Japan and I know for a fact that California is bigger in area than Japan, so this blows my mind.

Mammoth Mountain
Photo Credit: Evelyn Brokering

The Hunter

the hounds have a strong scent.


my father sent me on this hunt.

it is not my first

it is not my last

i can’t let him down.

i must prevail.

the family name is at stake

and all though i don’t share it i dream of it.


i am his only son.

i am looked upon with shame.

but i do what he does and i do it well.

i take pride in my hunting,

it fills me with joy.


i am a stain,

not alone.


i want it,

i want it more than any snow.

i want to be among the butchers and hunters who carried his name

i want to be his real son.


the dogs,

faster than man, caught my prey.

they tear him apart.

the man begs for mercy

begs for death

but it isn’t up to me.


i take him to father,

to the house.


i take him to my lord,

to the dreadfort.


i hope father is pleased.

i serve him better than his advisors!

i serve him better than his soldiers!

i am his son.


the prisoner will be flayed!

he will be tortured!

he will be broken and skinned!

this is our houses way.


i hope when i arrive father will let me do the honors.

i hope he lets me torture this scoundrel.

i hope he lets me serve him.

i have never failed him and never will.


i arrive at the gates trophy in hand

but nothing has changed i am still ramsay snow.

i remain among the many snows,

one of millions unwanted and unclaimed children of the north.

i pray not for long.



i hope to be beside my father and wear his name.

someday carry our banner, not his.

someday i wish to share the name,


What would you do…

… if your passion was so far away?

If the one thing you loved to do more than anything else was inaccessible?

I don’t really know either.

Since I was a toddler, I have been skiing. As soon as the season starts until the day the season ends, I have always taken every opportunity I get to drive up to the mountains. I feel at home on the mountain; I know there is no other place I would rather be.

This year, I have only had a week of ski time in Mammoth.

I guess living in Southern California is not the best place for an avid skier to live.

Photo Credits: statim.guo.uk.com

This brings me to my main point: where would an avid skier live? Aspen? Switzerland? Canada?

In about a year and a half I will be deciding which college to attend for the next four years of my life, which makes me question if I should move out of California and move somewhere I can ski on a regular basis.

But do I really want to move states or countries away from family and friends?

The decisions begin.


Let me start by saying that it is April 22nd. Yesterday I returned to school from spring break. Most people associate spring break with the beach, swimming, and warmth.

Not for me.

I went home two Friday’s ago to a giant snowstorm. The entire week I was home, it snowed almost the entire time. In April, Aspen has received about three feet of snow. It’s cold, and wet, and time for the snow to melt and go away.

On our way home from Denver, we were driving in a snowstorm. Around Vail Pass, two semi’s crashed, causing the road to close for about two hours. There was a very long line of cars behind us.


My point is that in April, it should not be snowing. The snow should be melting. I am very happy to be back in warm and sunny Ojai.

Honors Ski Trip

Break is quickly approaching, and on Friday the campus will begin to empty out. Students will go home, or to friends and family, for the week long winter break. And then, on Sunday, they will return.

However, there are the lucky few that leave the morning after boarding students return to campus. They will load bags and bodies into the school vans in order to make the trek up to Yosemite. These students get an extra week of break on Honors Ski Trip.

The Honors Ski Trip is a week long excursion with the headmaster and a couple other teachers, and a handful of students who put in the work to keep their academic and effort grades up to standard.

Last year I went on the trip and I had an amazing time. In the mornings we would cook obscene amounts of bacon before loading into the vans and driving to the nordic track.

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World of Ice and Snow.

I used to dream about a world of ice and snow, everything in there is made of shiny ice and snowflakes. I thought it would never be true, until I saw the beauty of Harbin.

Harbin is a city located in Northeastern China, it is the capital of Heilongjiang Province. Harbin is most famous of its view of ice and snow, and it is called “the Ice City Harbin” by the world.

Due to the geological location of the city, Harbin gets really cold in the winters. The temperature is usually around -30ºC(about -22ºF), but this year is especially cold, and the temperature went all the way to -35ºC(about -31ºF). With this freezing weather, ice and snow is able to get on the stage.

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The Blog is Snowing!!

Hello folks, I haven’t talked to you in a bit.

I hopped on WordPress to see what was going on and to see what people have been saying on here only to find that the blog was snowing.

There are little white dots sprinkling down on the homepage banner and down through the blogs and pictures.

If it is just mine I will be a little bit worried, but I swear the blog is snowing.

Merry Christmas!