The Impregnable Wall of Authority

Recently a rule implanted by a tyrannical government has been put into action, outlawing the use of earbuds on campus. This ban on earbuds keeps students from using them on campus, supposedly because students wearing earbuds are unaware of their surroundings when walking around, they cannot engage with their peers, and they are worn in classes and become a distraction. This rule is B.S. Over the past three and a half years, I have been wearing earbuds on campus. Of course I followed safety precautions such as having one earbud out and playing my music on medium volume so I could hear cars and people talking. Not once have I had a close call with a car or any sort of traffic, I am constantly aware of the movement of the people around me, and I consistently engage in conversations with my classmates. This year nothing has changed except for me being interrupted mid sentence to take out my earbuds when sitting and enjoying a conversation with my friends, or even having my earbuds taken away when I was talking to my classmates outside of class while the teacher was setting up. This useless rule has only hindered me in my day to day existence. My music is important to me.

I understand I sound like a madman complaining about not being able to wear earbuds at school, however listening to music affects my mood and the way I act. Music relaxes me, it distracts me from anxiously tapping my feet or getting lost in my head and spacing out. Music benefits me academically. Which is why I fail to comprehend how a rule as dumb as this one has come to fruition. I hope to argue and eventually abolish this hindrance to student quality of life by fighting and following in the footsteps of freedom fighters of the past such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Malala Yousafzi. I will not be stopped by an impregnable wall of authority. I will persevere.

Dress Code Controversy

nullComing from an art school where one could come to school with bright pink hair and an abundance of fringe on their shorts, Ojai Valley School was quite a culture shock.

Although understandably more conservative than my previous school, I still believe that this school takes the importance of dress code too seriously. The impetus for dress code is often girls having to dress a certain way as to not distract any members of the opposite sex.

The fact that this is a large cause for dress code is the worst part about the rule, for it is shaming. Females shouldn’t have to alter themselves for the convenience of males. All in all, not only are the motives behind our dress code a controversial point, but it prevents everyone from wearing certain articles of clothing they love!


My Surprise Visit

My boyfriend plays water polo, and his tournaments take him all over the state, country, and even the world. Last Saturday, a tournament took him to Santa Barbra, 45 minutes away from Ojai. Because Ojai was on the way home, he got to stop by and visit me.

He coordinated with my roommate, texting her constantly, asking for directions and making sure I was in the optimal position to be surprised. He told me that he couldn’t stop by because his little brother was sick and needed to get home. This was not a lie – his 8-year-old brother was sick, and my boyfriend had to go through a lot to get his mom to let him visit.

I was sitting outside the office when he pulled up. I was in tears as I ran up to hug him. However, as I let myself relax into the familiar embrace, I was wary of my back and surroundings – scared that we would be broken apart because our hug would be deemed “too long,” not obeying the “quick hug hello or goodbye” PDA rule. I pulled away too soon, and warned him of the rule. Confused, he agreed, and handed me a huge box of presents. I thanked his mom and she drove off to get food with his little brother. My boyfriend was now on campus and did not have a way of getting off for at least 2 hours. Of course, this did not register with either of us as a problem.

We headed up to the girl’s dorm lounge – everyone was hanging out there – boys, girls, so I thought it would be a good place to spend time. We entered and I introduced him to my friends. We sat down in the chairs and began to talk about his games that day, until a dorm parent walked in. I could tell from the moment she saw him that something was wrong. I instantly reviewed what we had heard in the handbook review session, and what I had read about visits. The only thing I could remember was “weekday visits are not encouraged.” He wasn’t trying to sign me out, so I decided that there was nothing that could be wrong.

She took me aside and explained that visitors need to be registered by my parents, and approved by the headmaster. I told her that it was a surprise visit, and she told me we would have to stay within her supervision at all times. We stayed in the lounge, clueless of what to do, and followed her to and from dinner, during which we sat quietly and tried to avoid anyone seeing us. The dorm mom had warned us that he could be asked to leave at any point, and he had no way of doing so. At one point, he tried to jokingly pat my back. Terrified someone would see him touch me, I slid over a seat and commanded him not to touch me.

We followed the dorm parent back to the lounge, where we again sat awkwardly and waited for him to leave. Finally, his mom arrived, and the only second I got to show him the school was when I escorted him to the waiting car. After a fast, tentative hug, he was off. That was my magical surprise visit.

I asked why he wasn’t allowed around campus with my friend and I – abiding by the 3 person rule. It was explained to me that they didn’t know who he was, so it was deemed unsafe for him to be let out of a teacher’s sight. Although I do understand this rule, I still don’t think it goes along with the motto of the school, integrity of life. Everyone who goes here was accepted into the school after being carefully reviewed by a committee. It was decided that we would be trusted by the school, and I believe that this goes along with trusting who we are associated with. With all the rules imposed on me during that short visit, I felt as though the school did not trust me to make smart choices as to whom I associate with. And that makes me ask myself, does the school really trust us? Do they believe that we are living with integrity? Do they think we are capable of bringing someone on campus that will be a danger to the community?

After the visit, my boyfriend expressed that he felt like he visited me at a hospital, and this did not surprise me.

Does the school trust me to make the right choices in friends? Or do they not believe I will live with integrity? If not, then there are some serious discussions that need to occur.

The 10 Horsey Commandments

(Totally ripping off infamousdolphin)

Hello all equestrians and non-equestrians alike.

To the equestrians; these are some rules and/or commandments that I am very sure you follow already. If you do not (guilty as charged), then you should start following them.

To the non-equestrians; I’d like to, hopefully, open a little door to the world of the horse people. Some say we’re a different species. I sure have been called that before.

1. If thy horse poops in the barn isle thou shalt CLEAN IT UP
2. If thy horse is a sporadic nutball in the arena thou must LUNGE THY HORSE
3. If thou aren’t wearing tough leather boots prepare to have thy toes RIPPED OFF by thy horse
4. Cleaning thy horse’s hooves before riding is a MUST
5. If thy horse bites you BITE IT BACK
6. If thou falls off thy horse ye must GET BACK ON
7. Horses will try to buck thee off so thou must EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED
8. Unless thou wants to clean thy stall twice, cleaning thy stall BEFORE LEAVING is the wise choice
9. If thou feeds another’s horse expect to be SHOWERED WITH FLIES
10. Saddle soap and saddle oil are the best smells ever

Athletes Vs. Technicalities

Sports were not always so complicated. Sports use to be simple, the best man/woman would win. Now-a-days virtually every sport is bogged down with rules and technicalities.

Just several weeks ago a technicality “controversy” made headlines. a female golfer by the name of  Caroline Inglis lost a title. The reason for losing her title, failing to fill out her scorecard correctly. She wrote a 68 on her card instead of the correct score of 69. Although she would have won without altering her score she was disqualified and forfeited the championship.

I find this extremely unfair to the athletes. An athlete should win if they are the best not lose because of arbitrary rules.