I don’t suck at looking cool while golfing though.

I’m really interested in golf clubs. Not new golf clubs, just random golf clubs. Obsolete technology, odd shapes, essentially the shit nobody wants. I’m not an old dude playing with anc collecting hickory (40’s) clubs because “this is how golf is supposed to be played”. I’m not one of the many high school golfers with a full new bag, to optimize performance. I like the 90’s and even some early 2000’s golf clubs. 

The only new club in my bag is my driver. I use a rusty blade putter from the 80’s, wedges from the 90’s, irons from before I was born, a novelty square fairway wood and a minuscule 5 wood that only serves to make me angry. My bag is like the closet of someone who only shops at a thrift store. 

Basically every other youth golfer or golfer period is interested in the newest clubs. These people also probably enjoy wearing dri-fit polos, cargo shorts, tennis racket belts. Nothing against these people, but I hate that type of attire. I typically wear t-shirts, shorts, and a visor or wide brim ‘aussie’ hat. I carry a bag without legs, old fashioned style, not because it makes golf easier, no no, all of the things I do make golf harder, i just like them *shrug emoji*.

I don’t really know what the point of this is, but I think appreciating old things and not always seeking the newest best thing is something that I think more people should try and do. 

Here are some retro golf clubs I think are really sick:

PC: Twirled Clubs: https://twirledclubs.com/

Fashion Police – The Grammys

Award show season is known to be a cutthroat race to the top of the best-dressed list amongst celebrities.

Sometimes a risk will pay off, other times you’re the laughing-stock of television and magazines for weeks to come.

At the Grammy Awards this year, there were many fashion standouts, along with plenty of fashion disasters. At the top of the best-dressed list, Taylor Swift is sitting pretty.

An Ellie Saab gown with a blue ombre effect – the gown had an open front and shoulder cutouts, inspired by the designer’s spring runway.

Swift paired the gown with bright aqua Lorainne Shwartz earrings, blue-toned eye shadow, and a pop of purple with Giuseppe Zanotti heels to pull the whole look together.

On the other hand, there is Rihanna. Normally, a red-carpet fashion lover can count of RiRi for a sleek and sexy look.

Photo Credit to: http://www.loopjamaica.com

This year Rihanna was the exact opposite of that – she was wearing a bright pink diamond and tulle layered dress. The star looked more like a princess cake topper, or maybe even a bright pink loofah you’d find in a 14-year-old’s shower, than a fashion icon.

Next to Taylor on the best-dressed list are Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani.

Queen B was rocking an elegant sheer black gown with a plunging neckline created by local New York designer, Proenza Schoule.

Gwen Stefani took a different route and went with a jumpsuit.

Atelier Versace made an asymmetrical detailed bustier with voluminous pants tapered at the ankle that created a graceful while fun and sassy look.

To cap off the worst dressed list are Madonna and Charli XCX. Madonna was wearing a terrible hodge-podge of lace and leather. Shoulder pads are not back Madge. The star wore a Givenchy Bustier and leather thigh-high boots with a strange ensemble of accessories.

Up and coming star Charli XCX was wearing a white Moschino metallic pantsuit that had a cheap looking sheen. Her pink bow tie, ruffled maître d’ like shirt, and baby pink fur coat topped of her risky fashion faux pas.