So The Donald is in Trouble.

Big Big Trouble.

A senior Republican senator said in a CNN interview recently that there are 35 members of the GOP who would vote to remove the president if they were to remain anonymous.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.

But this allegiance to Democracy over the party leader should yield some frightened republicans (AHEM GYM JORGAN), as they realize that the majority of Congress does not support the President.

Another reason why they should be afraid is because if Trump were to be impeached, a whole new staff would come in, and there would be no one in the White House to protect them. Because as of right now, a select handful of Trumpers working in the West Wing support various Republican senators because of their mutual avocation in congress.

If Trump were to B removed, these leeches that hold political office would dry up and die, as their grease and cocaine filled lifeblood would be back on the streets bankrupting himself.

All smears and criticisms aside, even if Trump were to be removed, it is still a dark time in our country’s history, as party lines have never been stronger and corruption has never run so deep.

(Except for the Gilded Age but we don’t talk about that.)

The Three Beasts


On an iron beast that does not smoke.
Where it goes I do not know.

The ride took quite a bit of time.
I waited for the awful chime.

To signal where the ride would end.
Waiting for the Judas friend.

The friend was large and quite a whale.
He told us all to go to hell.

Lurching but staying on the same path.
Not wanting to face realities wrath.

Soon I and another got up and off.
On the last treacherous stop.

Another stopped once we were done.
And ended our terrible mechanical wrong.

A nice steed large and white.
Carried us into the night.