Hello OVS!

As you may know or recognize, this is Emma from last years graduating class and I’ve stopped by to say hello! It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve read this blog so I’ve spent the last half hour or so catching up on you journalists. I must say that half of you write better than I did before taking the course and there’s still half a year left for you all to improve! But seriously, enjoy that class while you can. It was definitely one of my favorite classes of all time while at OVS. Maddie and I have been working on a video, which we actually started months ago but never seem to find time for, that should be uploaded and posted sometime before Christmas. You’ll hear from us soon enough.

P.s. Give my regards to Mrs. Whipple and Terry Wilson. I miss them dearly!

P.s. 2 I miss your parking Mr. A



4 thoughts on “Hello OVS!

  1. Great to hear from you Emma. Thanks for stopping by. And, btw, there is nothing wrong with my parking. It’s not my fault the white lines (and curbs, apparently) are crooked!

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