The Sound.

The sound is deep.
It resonates throughout the room,
The chamber of my heart,
And the corners of my fingers.
The sound is gorgeous.
It sends shivers down my spine,
Raises my skin,
Flutters my heart.
How I long for it to be closer.
Not across a world
Or a room
But behind me.
Heat seeping to my shirt,
A breath behind my ear,
A whisper.
A whisper of anything:
Just to hear that deep sound.
Just to send shiver to my spine,
Send bumps to my skin,
Send flutters to my heart,
Send a longing directly through me.

Your sound is deep.
It resonates throughout the room,
And throughout the chamber of my heart.

Season of Love

My entry for the 2012 Ojai Valley School Love Poetry Contest:

Love has its seasons 

Ever shifting, ever reeling seasons

The fierce flames of summer,

Perish in bleak midwinter

The struggling buds of spring,

Wither and droop in autumn


Like summer, love is hot

Burning, consuming,

Outshining all other emotions

It warms and electrifies,

Turning laughter to joy


But like winter, it can turn bitter

Love is like snow

Beautiful, exquisite,

But brings frostbite to flesh

Freezing and failing,

When harsh winter winds blow


Even so, love is like spring

Despite bitter winter, it grows again and again,

Blossoming, fruitful,

It comes anew, fresh and inspired

Innocent in its soft whimsical hope


And like autumn, it wilts

Turning those vivid hot colors,

To dying gray and sallow brown

The limp, shriveled feelings,

Crumble and skitter away


My love for you, has seen all these seasons

It flamed bright in summer

It departed in snow

It waxed strong in spring

Wasted away in the fall


But through each of its seasons,

My affection grew wiser,

I know now I’ll never,

Forget or forsake you


Your curling dark hair,

And deep, laughing eyes

That easy-calm smile,

And your dusky bronze skin


Through spring and through winter

I only wish that you knew, 

Through the summer and fall

All seasons, I love you.

A Time for Change.

Change is healthy.

Today, before I left the dorms for the Ojai Farmer’s Market, I made a spur of the moment decision to change my room around. My bed has been rearranged. My dresser once cluttered with various cosmetics and toiletries is now bare, my small pink and white refrigerator brandishing those same perfumes and toothbrushes.

It feels good.

I spent a large part of my day cleaning and reorganizing and reopening and removing. I usually feel a need for this sort of change at the end of the school year in the dormitories.

Today was different though.

As I am beginning to sum up my five years at Ojai Valley School, writing the last pages of my high school days, priming for the next chapter of my life, I am slowly growing more anxious, scared, and unsure.

What is undeniable is my insatiable desire to graduate. 

I don’t know what it is. A part of me does not want to leave, knowing how much I will miss this place, a part has been growing since September. I guess I am scared to leave this small hill that blessed me with so many happy, great memories but, I think I am too scared to leave the people I love so much behind.

But time is surely passing by faster this year…

I only wish that I make sure this year is great. I am happier than I ever was with my friends and the people I surround myself with. And I want to leave feeling elated and proud.


Now that is what I cannot get off my mind. Where will I GO!? I find out the results of my Early Evaluation application to Wellesley College. But after that, I have another dreaded MONTH of waiting for results. Goodness gracious. The college process is absolutely dreadful. Hopefully, great news will unfold in the upcoming weeks!!

Wish Me Luck.


The Basketball Game of the Century

Man was that awesome or what?

The OVS Alumni basketball game was sure one for the ages. It was cool to see the basketball team face the Alumni in a very close game. However, the highlight was one play.

While the boys’ team and the Alumni had many impressive moments, I have to tell you…coach Floyd went crazy on the court.

While he only played for about 20 seconds, he was able to shoot a 3-pointer and then rifled a baseball pitch-style pass all the way down the court for fellow alum Parker Colborn to shoot an easy layup.

The Alum came out on top and did it in style.

What a game!


I will never be able to understand fully how these athletes are able to do the things they do on a bicycle. While watching videos of BMX riders I learned that they possess key elements that allow them to do the things they do. They have balance:

They can fly:

They can flip:

And they can fall:

Fall really hard:

So in conclusion I think that this is a tough sport to be a part of and for those who are involved in it I salute you.

I love watching the crazy things that these guys can do on a bike, it simply amazes me every single time. I wish that I was as good as these guys and girls at a sport.

Gay Rights

Who the hell do you think you are to deny an innocent American citizen their rights?

Obviously you think you are doing the “right” thing, the “better” thing.

You are not.

The only difference between LGBT and heterosexuals is who they are attracted to, oh and that LGBT on average have a higher IQ and are much less likely to commit a felony.

So why are LGBT people looked down upon so much in our country? It really baffles me that so many people could have a hatred towards people who are just attracted to the same sex as themselves, I really cannot understand.

Homophobia is one thing. I for one do not have it but one cannot be fully criticized simply for their irrational feelings. That being said, even if there are many homophobes, that is no reason for LGBT to be denied the rights that heterosexual people have.

We have come a long way in our country in respect to the rights of minorities. African Americans and women received the right to vote and discrimination laws swept the country.

Yet, we are still living in the distant past when it comes to our county’s feelings regarding homosexuality. We need to grow up.

I was recently reading a story about the suicide rates among teens in an area of Minnesota who have been taunted for being gay and lesbian.

Throughout the country we see an absurdly high suicide rate among young LGBT people. This is unacceptable and it needs to stop.

No one, and especially young people, should be teased for their sexuality. I don’t care what your beliefs are regarding homosexuality, no one deserves to be teased and bullied and pushed to the point of having suicidal tendencies.

It makes me sick to hear that so many kids across our supposedly accepting country are facing the horrors of being bullied for their sexuality. It appalls me that more has not been done to cease this unacceptable behavior.

I want to see a country where people are not frowned upon for what attracts them, where we can accept people who are living their lives and not trying to harm anyone around them. I want us to move forward and banish our misconceptions about homosexuality to the pages of history where I am sure we will be mocked for the injustices we have committed.

Jack Penate

Jack Penate

Jack Penate is a singer and songwriter from London. Armed with a guitar and an excellent voice he is a man that puts his heart, soul and passion into his lyrics. He is a man who exhibits true artistry and charisma through his music.

Jack released his first album, Matinee in 2007, which debuted at number 7 in the UK album charts. Two years later, in 2009, he came back and released his second album Everything Is New and now has recently returned with new material including the single No One Lied. 

His music visits many genres and could not be labeled as anything other than alternative because many of his songs are indefinable as a genre and this is what makes him great. Each song has a different tempo, strong but simple lyrics and is full of quirkiness.

Jack Penate is an extremely gifted artist that’s music can evoke many emotions depending on your mood.

So give Jack Penate a listen.