A Music Journey

Every event has a soundtrack in my mind. After going cross country skiing in Yosemite, this past week, my mind is full of new bands, new songs and new rhymes that highlight and sum up the fun times of the trip.

Of course there’s always the classic artists that play a large role and debut on such a trip these artists include people such as Johnny Cash and Bob Marley as well as bands like The Who and The Clash. With these pastimes also come old, iconic songs such as Jolene as well as new alternative covers of these past hits.

Next comes the worst of the songs: recent pop songs. These songs are often synthesized rubbish by groups who lip synch and Hip Hop artists that try and impress by remixing old classics. These along with other cheesy artists will irritatingly stick in your head but make you laugh because of their catchiness.

Finally there comes the new music, new tastes, different sounds and great bands.

By sitting on long car journeys everyday I heard lots of different songs and artists, which is very exciting for me as a music lover.

So now that my tastes have been expanded and my pallet rejuvenated with the fresh sounds of others I am ready to get exploring on the biggest music journey now that I am home.


I try to stick to writing about politics but sometimes I just feel like there is something else that needs to be talked about which requires me making a pathetically weak connection.

I wanted to talk about cars so I thought, well there has been a lot of criticism aimed at politicians regarding their bailout of the motor industry. And personally, I feel that the complaints are not warranted, and here is why.

Despite the many complaints, we do in fact manufacture much in America. And one of our largest enterprises are cars. So why should we just let the car industry fail when it is so pivotal for our country.

“Oh well that’s not part of capitalism!” You are wrong. Capitalism requires doing what needs to be done to keep your market afloat, and that’s what we did.

But more importantly, look what we have created! We are currently experiencing a renaissance of the American (muscle) car.

ford shelby 500

We have the Chevy Camaro ZL1, Ford Mustang GT500 (and its other variations) and the Corvette (which is getting better and better).

Ford’s whole range of city cars like the Focus, Fusion and Fiesta are all great cars and the Chevy Cruze and Malibu are good too.

Sure we aren’t Italy; producing Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s or Alfa Romeo’s. But that has never been what we aim for.

I don’t like many American cars because I like going around corners as much or more as going very fast in a straight line. But we really are getting into the market with cars like the Focus that are perfect little rally racers.

Would I rather drive a Lotus than a Ford? Yes. Would I rather drive a 620 GT than a Camaro? I would imagine so. But are we doing good things in our car industry? Yes.

The next step for the American car industry is getting into the dream market AKA the super car market.

The Ford GT is the last super car we made and it was fantastic. We don’t really have a company here that makes super cars but with our reemerging industry one may emerge.

For now we can be happy with having Hennessy and the other great tuners of the Red, White and Blue.

America has had a long love affair with cars and we must work to continue that and build upon what we have. This is not a plea to buy American because I’m not a person who would. But if you fancy an American car don’t be ashamed, be proud.

Little Dragon.

Little Dragon.

Enjoy laying in bed, relaxing on the sofa or chilling outside on a warm night? I have the perfect music for you and it comes in the form of Little Dragon.

Little Dragon is an electronic band from Sweden. Immediately you hear electronic and think how can this be relaxing in any way. For those who think that, not all electronic is crazy club, beat filled music. Being classified as electronic means that a band uses synths and other electronic equipment in some form in their music.

The band came together in 1996 releasing two albums since they formed, Little dragon in 2007, Machine Dreams in 2009 and then Ritual Unions last year.

Since coming together the four-man group has gained lots of support from indie lovers across the globe. They also have produced songs with famous groups such as the Gorillaz.

Little Dragon blend different music sounds together to create calm, cool and relaxing rhythms.  Throughout their albums they sample different genres, drawing from sounds of soul and pop and jazz and blending them with the smooth vocals of lead singer, Yukimi Nagano.

This band produces lively but relaxing music that is perfect for any evening, so give them a listen.

A Gift From God.

Angel Food Cake

There’s always some sort of delicious food staring at you as you check out your groceries. Today as I checked out my healthy dinnertime ingredients this one item was angel food cake.

With a deal price of $1.99, how could I possibly resist? After all God or maybe an angels placed it there for a reason.

The purpose being that I could taste or sample a piece of heaven and that is an extremely appropriate word to describe angel food cake. Heavenly.

the I don’t know if the angels used their floaty, soft wings to beat the batter or if God created some kind of miracle, but as I chomped down on the first bite my mouth hit air. I could only describe it as how I would imagine the texture of clouds. It was light, airy, but unlike clouds we see in the sky, sweet and vanillary.

I tried angel food cake and I liked it. By taking one simple step I experienced something great, a gift from God.  So take a gamble in life and be tempted because you never know you may experience something out of this world.

Vacation…ain’t it so sweet

Finally I got out of the school and back home. I was so happy to finally get home and kick back in my big chair just watching NFL network. I get one week to myself, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Recently, I was involved in my school’s production of the evolution of America. I had a lot of fun with it, and that was my last event before the vacation. While I’m upset to be leaving all the fun experiences I had behind, I am very much looking forward to my week off.

Tomorrow, I will be doing a new Worst Person. The NFL Scouting Combine has just officially kicked off, and there’s nothing but insults from me.

Stay tuned everyone!

Ipad, 3rd times the charm.

The IPad3. Legions of apple fans are awaiting the release of the 3rd incarnation of this revolutionary project. The IPad3 is set to be released sometimes this summer, most likely during the same time as the Iphone5. Rumors are abound with the specifications of this product. Let’s take a look at the possible features of the Ipad3.

Two words, A5X quad core chip processor. The IPad had the A4 Processor, Ipad2 has the A5 Processor, so it is thought that the IPad3 would have the A6 Processor. These rumors have been dispelled officially, but a new rumor has arose. The ipad3 will contain the prototype A5X chip. This chip is the latest chip in the apple product line.

Apple lovers and average consumers will be delighted to see what the Ipad3 has to offer. I for one hope that it will be as revolutionary as the original IPad instead of a rehash of previous features.

The Musical!

Well, this week has been a big blur of practicing for the musical. It has been very busy and very, very hectic. From sorting costumes to remembering cues, it has been a very challenging feat for all involved. But, tonight, it all payed off in our opening night performance of Utopia in America.

We have been preparing for so long now, but I still didn’t feel extremely ready in the beginning of the night. I was extremely nervous, but we had run through it quite a few times, so I was confident that everyone else knew what they were doing; it was just me I was worried about, because I’m so air headed sometimes.

Musicals are so stressful and time consuming, and get me really nervous. I mean, we’ve been practicing since a few months ago, and our directors have worked harder than ever to make this perfect, and everyone in the cast wanted to make it nothing less than that for them.

There were some extremely funny moments, some moments where we messed up a bit, and some moments where it was more perfect than I ever remember it being in the past. Even though it was very hectic and busy, it was still extremely fun and, in the end, not as stressful as I had thought.

I’m just glad to have the first performance out of the way, so everyone is even more prepared for tomorrow’s two showings. And, everyone that watched it said they liked it, and I think they genuinely meant it. Overall, it was a very solid first show and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.