The mighty 12

Today we played Midland in lacrosse.  For us this was our lynch pin game, the game we worked up to the entire season.  In the end we lost. But what I love most about our team is that the score does not matter.  Win or lose, we play every minute of every game.  Unlike many other OVS teams, losing does not deter us, because no matter what we grow and learn from our defeats and always come back stronger the next time around.

In today’s game we had one goal at the half, down by 6.  Even for Lacrosse that is a big lead.  Yet we came out playing harder than we had all game, and were rewarded with a goal, And let me tell you, you would think we had just won the super bowl we were so excited and jumping around.  Two minutes later, another goal, and we just won Gold medals in the Olympics.

The point I am making is that no matter what is happening it is important to always stick with it because no matter what you will learn from it and get better. Every game we’ve played this season we always walk away with our heads high, leaving it all on the field.


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