I had lived in the same place my entire life.

Los Angeles was my home. All of my friends were there.

I had made countless memories from Brentwood to Santa Monica.

The Ghosts of these memories stay even though I am now in Ojai.

The fence on 18th street is still broken because I ran through it playing football with my friends.

I still have a time capsule in my Brentwood backyard from a decade ago.

There are panels missing in my friend’s garage from stray baseballs.

Footprints in cement from walking over it while it was still wet.

The memories I have formed have stayed as ghosts. living, but stuck in a state where they are both stuck in time and begging to be relived.

Whenever I visit I can feel them. The memories that have past. I want desperately to grab them and put them all in a backpack and take them with me.

Alas, one cannot store memories like one stores clothing and items.

The move has been a difficult journey, but I am happy here and excited to make new memories with new people.

OVS has become a new environment that was scary at first, but has become a place I call home.

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