Team Rest

This weekend was the first time since the start of the season that our team did not have a game.

This is not because one was not scheduled, but because simply we could not compete against Orcutt Academy’s team.

We are a team that defies odds, beginning a season with a mere 20 players in a collision sport.

Players are bound to get injured, and starting with a number that low doesn’t put us in the best position.

Regardless of size, we are a team who trains to compete, to show what we are made of, and even if we don’t always win, to show we will not go down without a fight.

Through the season we have players with varying injuries from pulled/torn muscles to the more severe head injuries.

Going into this weekends game we had 15 healthy players, in an 8 man football game.

While this is possible, it would be difficult.

Orcutt Academy does not mess around though, they would have come to us in full force, all 37 of them.

Mascot photo for Orcutt Academy high school.

Ranging in size from a tiny 5’3 104 pound receiver and back to a 6’5 314 pound lineman.

The coaches and school administration saw it in the best interest of the team to cancel this game to preserve our players for next game.

Guys needed to to recover from injury, and get back into practice.

Had we played this game nobody can say what would have happened, but worries that players would be even further injured, or injured for the first time, and put out of the game for our last game of the season.

The players however, while seeing where our coaches were coming from, did not like the idea of quitting.

To us it felt like we were just saying, don’t even bother coming, we know your better.

That is in no way what we were saying, but to us it felt like that.

We rallied, but by the time we had gotten the team together there was no chance of bringing the game back, and we had to embrace our first bye week of the season and enjoy a pain free Saturday.

While I wished we had played the Spartans, I am thankful that our coaches had our best interests at heart.

We will now have two weeks of preparation for one game, a game that I have been waiting for all season long, this Saturday we are playing the Laguna Blanca Owls.

I have never been particularly fond of this team because the actions by players and parents have not always been the best, but no matter what we play like men our parents and coaches have raised us to be.

After a good hit, I will always offer a helping hand to the opposition laying on the ground.

After a good play made by another player I always offer a compliment, but I see it as killing them with kindness.

I know many players are trying to play mind games, and get us upset with moves they make that, while legal, are not the kindest.

I understand that this is the game of football, and it hurts, but we all must keep a certain level of respect for each other.

This weekend will be a good game, and I hope that all of you can come out and support the OVS Spud’s last drive to victory in hopes that we can book end our season with wins.

We will be out in full force on Saturday, and are ready for whatever the Owls have to throw at us.

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