It’s only halftime in the Eagles-Cowboys matchup today, I don’t wanna take the chance that something negative happens before I write this blog. I wanna actually speak about the replacement of the Eagles’ quarterback.

Before halftime, Michael Vick took not one, but two consecutive shots to the head. After further evaluation, he’s down for the count.

Vick suffered a concussion today. While I hope the man can recover and get healthy again, I’m somewhat relieved as an Eagles fan.

C’mon guys. We all knew that as long as Reid is coach, Vick would never be benched in favor of a rookie. Something needed to happen in order for the fans to be pleased. We wanted Nick Foles, the phenom rookie quarterback during the preseason. He looked solid then, and so far today, he hasn’t looked bad at all.

He’s performed relatively well. Has he scored yet? No. Has he thrown any game breaking passes? No. But most of the plays that Foles has been in for have been handoffs to LeSean McCoy. He has thrown a few passes and they’ve all looked solid except for one that was almost intercepted.

Give him a break. He’s just a rookie.

As we all know, he won’t get much room for error behind our offensive line. However, the line hasn’t looked completely useless today. Does that mean they’re playing well?


See? Even the president agrees!

We will see how the rest of the game progresses. This should be interesting. Cowboys are winning right now 10-7. I’m gonna go watch the second half. I recommend that anyone who reads this should do the same. As I write this, first round pick Fletcher Cox just sacked Tony Romo. Hell YES!!!

I did?!

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