Friends Down the Drain

I don’t even know what to say anymore. I’m at a loss for words at this point. Always tryin’ to keep up with everyone else just gets so tiring now and I’m just sick and tired of everything. I don’t care about them anymore since it seems that they don’t really care about me. I’m not sure how much it really matters.

I try to channel the belief of the Honey Badger. The belief that nothing affects me is a lot to take. It’s a huge responsibility.

I’m up to it. I want to not care anymore. But not caring is different than being ignorant. It’s just what I do. It’s me.

I want to be able to persevere through anything that may stand in my way. Any obstacle must become invisible. Nothing can stop me. Yet, emotion always seems to drive me backwards. I don’t understand the struggle of keeping momentum going.

It sucks to lose people because of who you are. It’s inevitable but it sucks. My mentality suits me. It doesn’t always suit those around me. Unfortunately, I can’t change what I know to be me.

I’m sorry to everyone that I can’t be what they want me to be. But the friends that slip through the cracks, fair-weather, the ones that fall down the drain, never to be seen again, they were there as long as I was benefiting them.

What about me?

Sorry I kinda went deep with this one, but things just got too real for a few minutes. I didn’t know where else to go except for the blog. This week, I’m gonna get back at the worst person in sports thing since the Eagles coverage is somewhat pointless at this point.

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