Sleepless San Francisco.

Last week for our English 11 Honors class, Mrs. Wilson asked us to write a personal essay about the site we wanna live. And all of the sudden San Francisco came out of my mind. I’ve been there only once, but I just couldn’t help myself thinking about it all the time. I want to live there.

Sleepless San Francisco

There is a place that I would love to leave my heart there without hesitation. My sleepless San Francisco would be the dream I want to keep even when I am awake.

Located on a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean, San Francisco has its own definition of city – compact, busy, but scenic and comfortable as well. I would first arrive into San Francisco from the north via the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, the place for a good start. I would be the first one to watch the born of sun, and enjoy the amazement of the golden sunshine.

Then my journey would start. When there came the noisy bells, the yellow cable cars would be on their way heading to me. I would choose to stand on the edge of the car and hold on to the handrail. “Ding-dong, ding-dong” – as the car drove, my hair would swing with the wind and the views would greet me as I passed by. Built on several hills, the roads are steep but also well-organized in a grid. The most exciting moment would be the downhill part, where I could experience a gentle roller-coaster.

The cable car would drive us to the Fisherman’s Wharf, the home for the fishermen during the Gold Rush and the countless sea-gulls who would line in orders to welcome the vistors. Standing by the wharfs – the home base of San Francisco’s fishing fleets, I would see the fishermen in the 1800s fishing Dungeness crabs and singing sailor songs. Pier 39 would be the one of the attractions that I wouldn’t miss. The crowds would gather together and cheer for the street performances. I would go straight to the “Chocolate Heaven” store where I could find all kinds of chocolate. That would be absolutely a paradise for me. If I were lucky enough, I would get the opportunity to enjoy the delicious fresh giant sea crab as “snack” – I would save my space for a big lunch in China Town.

Chine Town in San Francisco is the best through the whole United States. Not only the food, but also the deep Chinese culture atmosphere would embrace me with the smell of home. Surely I would be nostalgic, thinking about what my family was doing, were they happy? However, that would not affect my exciting mood. Food is always a good way to forget the unhappiness.

After lunch, I would love to go for a walk on the Lombard Street, where the flowers with various colors would bloom at the same time to decorate the seasons. Nine winding streets form together as a natural downhill. Visitors couldn’t help themselves to take pictures. Soaked into the world of flowers, nobody could escape from the compelling nature.

The city is also filled with art and literature. In the afternoon, visting the San Francisco Palace of Fine arts or the USF would be the most leisurely and meaningful thing to do. If I learned art as my major, I would go these places everyday to get inspirations. Speaking of promise, I would not miss the Saints Peter and Paul Church. The weather is be always warm and comfortable there. I would lay on the soft green lawn in front of the church. The church is large and is painted into holiness surrounded by the white and golden wall. I would make a vow there, the vow of San Francisco.

In the late afternoon I would spend time on the beach, waiting for the sunset. On my way I would appreciate the number of different neighborhoods that blend together to form a cohesive city. The houses are painted into different colors which might tell the stories of their hosts. There wouldn’t be many people on the beach because of the frigid temperature. When the last wisp of sunshine kissed the limpid water, I would get ready to enjoy the gorgeous night.

Nights in San Francisco are endless if I went to the Union Square for an experience of modern city life. I would probably go for a movie first. And then go into the shops where I might get some delightful things. The painted heart sculptures that installed in each of the four corners of the square would always capture my attentions. Because I could find love there – couples, families or friends. I would say that the city was actually alive at that time.

If I had time, I would definitely climb up the Twin Peaks to overlook the whole San Francisco wearing a mysterious night veil; or I would walk in the Golden Gate park to hear the natural whispering made by the insects and birds. There would be numerous fun things to do in the sleepless San Francisco.

At the end of the day, I would go back to where I start. The Golden Gate Bridge would bring my memory pieces together and save them into every single pillar, and they would breath and sing as I walk by them. I would ramble on the bridge following the crystal moonlight. The lamps would lighten the whole bridge with the vivid warm yellow. The ocean, however, would still be a little exciting after her zealous farewell with the sun. But in a few hours, she would go back into her peaceful dream to get ready for another brand new day.

If I were with him, then we would surely take photos at every section when we feel like taking one. The romantic breeze would pat our heats softly and make them beat faster and stronger. Maybe we would have a quite kiss at that moment, because that would be the perfect time to enjoy the temporary eternity.

Life in San Francisco would never be excess or boring, and I can find what life I wish to live and I promise, that someday I will stay with you forever, my sleepless San Francisco.


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