A Proper Retro

The sneaker release that I am most excited for this year is The 88′ Retro White Cement Jordan 3. By far. This is a proper retro release featuring a “nike air” on the back tab. That single detail is what makes this sneaker special. Up until 2001 all Retro Jordans featured that detail on the back.

After that year the Nike air was replaced by the Jordan jumpman logo. The nike air is original. Iconic. Necessary. It represents everything Michael Jordan did in that sneaker. From the Spike Lee “Mars Blackmon” ads to the dunk competition.
This is the biggest release for 2013.

I will be camping by my computer at 5:30 to get one of these off of Nike.com and will either be extremely happy or sad that day.

And now is the time for disappointment. “Nike Air” comes at a price, $200. a 40 dollar jump from the previous release. The quality is no better, but it is better than the $400 they will go for on ebay the next day.

The struggles of somebody that loves sneakers.


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