The Week

Well, a lot of stuff happened this week, so I’ll get right to it.

The biggest thing hat happened was probably the Grammys. I just watched it and wasn’t really impressed by any of it (other than Adele. Because Adele’s the best.). And I really have to go out on limb and say how much I hate bands like fun. It really makes me happy to see the Es-335 has made the spectacular rise in talent from Chuck Berry to the guy with the undercut in fun.

The next biggest thing that is happening this week is the ongoing Christopher Jordan Dorner caper. This guy was apparently so sick of the widespread corruption, racism and brutality in the LAPD that he has taken it upon himself to end the problem by killing the alleged offenders of human rights in the city. This fascinating story about a real-life “V” stems from his even more fascinating manifesto written by Dorner. His tales from working on the force with the LAPD are absolutely terrible. The LAPD, he says, hasn’t changed since the Rodney King days, and the evidence to his point is very convincing. I suggest everyone goes and reads what he has to say here.


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