Lights Out, NOLA!!!!

By now, you have all heard about the blackout at the Super Bowl that almost changed the outcome of the game. The Ravens were on a roll, opening the second half with a kick return touchdown by Jacoby Jones and extending their lead to 28-6. The game was out of reach, and the Ravens were showing no signs of stopping. This one was getting out of hand.

Then, in the middle of the 49ers’ ensuing possession, someone decided that it was a little too bright in the Superdome. Time to go green and go blind!

There are many theories regarding the blackout in the Dome. Some say that the generators that were supporting the lighting for Beyonce’s halftime show may have blown a fuse. Some say that the off-sight generators powering the Superdome may have malfunctioned. But as you all know, I like to come up with my own theories. Some of my theories are very farfetched. However, this one makes some sense.

Check this out. In the first three quarters, Mercedes Benz did not present a commercial to the many viewers. In the fourth quarter, what do we have here? A Benz ad.

The air time was collapsed in order to draw attention to the Mercedes ads. While viewers were taking wing and bathroom break, hopefully not simultaneously, other commercials were running. As commercial spots were booked ahead of time, Mercedes made an effort to have their commercials appear while the game was actually happening.

I don’t know, guys. Seems pretty fishy to me. It’s a little more valid than Beyonce and the Illuminati having anything to do with it.


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