Dark Lights

There once used to be so much brightness in my life

So much light

The kind of light that shows itself through the floaty leaves flowing in the autumn breeze

The sunlight that glistens against the piercing blue, salty ocean on a summer day

The light that’d peek through my bedroom window followed by the harmonies of birds chirping to wake me up on a spring morning

But light is just a false perception of brightness the world wants you to imagine

There’s so much darker light

The neon pink and blue luminescent lights brightening up a pitch black dance floor

Which eventually turn hazy to the human eye when one too many drinks have been consumed

The artificial light radiating off my desktop lamp

Keeping me up at inhumane hours of the night

The foggy bright city lights

Photo Credit: walldevil.com

Dimmed by pollution

But one night as I was on a journey from one blurred street light to another

Across the horizon, a car sped out of the tunnel right into my point of vision

And just as my vision was blinded by a piercing yellow light

The rest of the world faded black.


Lights Out, NOLA!!!!

By now, you have all heard about the blackout at the Super Bowl that almost changed the outcome of the game. The Ravens were on a roll, opening the second half with a kick return touchdown by Jacoby Jones and extending their lead to 28-6. The game was out of reach, and the Ravens were showing no signs of stopping. This one was getting out of hand.

Then, in the middle of the 49ers’ ensuing possession, someone decided that it was a little too bright in the Superdome. Time to go green and go blind!

There are many theories regarding the blackout in the Dome. Some say that the generators that were supporting the lighting for Beyonce’s halftime show may have blown a fuse. Some say that the off-sight generators powering the Superdome may have malfunctioned. But as you all know, I like to come up with my own theories. Some of my theories are very farfetched. However, this one makes some sense.

Check this out. In the first three quarters, Mercedes Benz did not present a commercial to the many viewers. In the fourth quarter, what do we have here? A Benz ad.

The air time was collapsed in order to draw attention to the Mercedes ads. While viewers were taking wing and bathroom break, hopefully not simultaneously, other commercials were running. As commercial spots were booked ahead of time, Mercedes made an effort to have their commercials appear while the game was actually happening.

I don’t know, guys. Seems pretty fishy to me. It’s a little more valid than Beyonce and the Illuminati having anything to do with it.

Moving Forward

After the OVS football team came home with an outstanding victory in Lee Vining, that winning streak did not continue this past Saturday.

After our return we had a week to prepare for our next game against Hillcrest Christian of Thousand  Oaks, California. During this week practice seemed to be filled with not only focused faces and hard work, but excitement and laughter after the team had just broken a new Ojai Valley School record of being the first team to win a varsity football game.

It seemed that the win may have gotten to the heads of some players, myself included, and that if we beat that team, that we would probably be able to carry that win into the next game.

Although the game did not put another W on the Ojai Valley School’s standings it did teach the team a valuable lesson, a lesson our coaches were trying to instill in us all week.

Yes we won, but that is just one game, and that while we should be happy we won, there was still plenty of work. In practice Coach D said that yes we did play well, but we need to be better, the word better was repeated over, and over, and over, but apparently in this game our opponent ended up with the better score, which means, they won.

While many of us wanted to walk off of the field with our heads down, we had to keep them up, and come back to our next game playing even better than the first and second.

This past loss has given the team a reality check that while we did play well the first game, and this is not to say we did not play well on Saturday, that we do indeed need to be better.

Our next game is Saturday night against the Maricopa Indians.

This game will be very special for the team because we get to play in the Indian’s stadium arena at night under the lights.

This next coming week of practice is going to be tough, but it will only give us more time to sharpen our minds, and sharpen our plays, because come Saturday it will hopefully be time to put another win up on the boards for this team of new records.

Hopefully we can show everyone that we do deserve to play, and shatter the harsh words that some put on OVS football, like the program should be cancelled because “we aren’t good.”

To all of the people who doubt our team or speak I’ll of us, I ask you to come out and try to do what we do everyday, and see after that what you think about the fact that we aren’t good or that we don’t deserve to play.

If you have to win all the time to be worth it, than sports would not be what they are, nobody would ever win because everyone would be just as good as the other. And if we are to follow in this thought that winning is the only reason to play, than nobody would be able to play because winning would become impossible.

Empty Stadium

If any of you would like to know what it is like to go through what a football team goes through together, I beg you to come out on to the field everyday, put on your helmet and pads, run around in the heat, get beaten and battered, and then return from a loss, and hear, “wow who could have seen that coming,” in a sarcastic tone.

Hopefully we can better ourselves from this game and have the season of all seasons. If you can come out and support at any of our games it would be greatly appreciated. And to all of you who doubt us I really hope we can change your minds at some point, and if not try and keep it to yourself.


I’ve been to plenty of concerts in the last couple of years. From Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas to Attack Attack, I’ve made my way around San Francisco’s music scene. After attending the Bridge School Benefit Concert last weekend, I went with another friend to go see an small, Canadian girl perform at Slims. Seeing Lights was by far the best show that I’ve seen.


333 11th Avenue, San Francisco. I could almost call Slims my second home. I’ve seen friends play on that stage as well as large-scale bands. The small, but mighty, stage also has one other title that no other stage can hold, the host of the best show that I have yet to see.

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