The Rolling Stone is Wrong. Part One.

The other day, I went on the Rolling Stone’s website for the first time. I usually just read the print version, but I went on the website to see what it was like. While on there, I saw an advertisment for a bunch of lists named things like “100 Greatest Guitarists“, “500 Greatest Songs” and “100 Greatest Singers”. So I looked at them. And they were wrong.

So let’s do some correcting.

The Actual Greatest Guitarists

1.     Rolling Stone says: Jimi Hendrix

        Jack Beverly Says: Eric Clapton

        What you’re all probably saying: But, but, but its Hendrix! Wahh how could you not pick Hendrix?

         Because Eric Clapton was born, that’s why. While yes, it is true that Hendrix has a much more unique sound when he plays, it’s also a fact that only one person has yet to hit a bad note playing guitar. Seriously, listen to any solo he does, it’s all perfect. Having been in bands like Cream, the Bluesbreakers, the Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominoes, Bonnie and Delanie’s tour group, Dave Mason’s tour group and even his massively successful solo career has made him the greatest guitar player ever.

          Key Track:

2.    Rolling Stone says: Eric Clapton

       Jack Beverly says: Jimi Hendrix

       Yeah yeah, get over the fact he’s in second. Jimi Hendrix was one of those people that took something that had been around forever and changed it to influence everyone that came after him. I really can’t say much more than that, just listen.

            Key Track:

3.     Rolling Stone says: Jimmy Page

        Jack Beverly sez: Robert Johnson

        I actually feel bad putting Robert Johnson this far down. In terms of influence, he’s higher than first place. His style has been copied by literally everyone on this planet that has ever played a guitar post the 1930’s. Rock n Roll came from this one man’s guitar. He was a God ahead of his time.

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One thought on “The Rolling Stone is Wrong. Part One.

  1. Well I guess it’s just an matter of taste, all of them are great! When you listen to jazz tunes the knowledge of these players is just awesome. So it depends on the taste, the genre and so on… But once again it’s more a question of taste. Don’t get me wrong! As a passionate guitar player, I can easily say that Jimi Hendrix is my greatest inspiration. Robert Johnson for acoustic blues and finger picking is a huge reference! Eric clapton is the same, it’s a pleasure to learn his tricks by listening to him 🙂

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