What’s that I smell? Comeback.

The Kings started off this shortened season on sort of rocky seas so to speak.

The home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks was nothing short of depressing after riding out the high of winning the Stanley Cup.

In the end losing to the Blackhawks made sense seeing as they went on to set the all time record for most consecutive games from the start of a season not lost in regular time.

For a while it looked like the Kings were going to fall out of playoff contention, but just as they did last year they, to quote a song, “started from the bottom, and now the whole team’s [*******] here.”

Last year they went from being the #8 seed in the Western Conference to the #1 team in the NHL within a matter of weeks.

The Kings are currently holding in 4th place, but are tied with Vancouver at 48 points.

The Blackhawks remain #1 with 62 out of a possible 76 points, and have clinched a playoff spot, but it will be a battle with the Anaheim Ducks to see who takes the west.

Hopefully the Kings climb to the top, but their final position in the west is unknown.

Hopefully they can pull out a repeat of last year and come up from the bottom, surprising everyone in their path.


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