NFL Draft-Doesn’t Get Much Better

Thursday (Today) is the NFL Draft. The first round opens up, and the Kansas City Chiefs go on the clock at 8 o’clock eastern time tonight. There are a lot of talented players in this draft. But, there are also a ton of questions. I’m gonna try and answer these questions to the best of my ability.

Here goes nothing.

Question 1-Who is going first overall?

I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no idea. Up until yesterday, everyone was saying the Chiefs are draft Luke Joeckel and that was that. However, now it appears that KC is looking more towards Eric Fisher. I’ve also heard that the Chiefs are thinking about trading the first pick in order to build a foundation later on in the draft. I think that last option is probably the best thing KC can do. However, KC has Andy Reid, and I know his patterns pretty well. I don’t think he’s going to trade that pick since he likes high picks, and potential trade partners won’t want to give away a slew of picks for one player in a lackluster top 10. The safe bet is saying that KC will draft Fisher. I’m a firm believer that as far as the draft is concerned, the information we had last week means nothing now that new info has emerged. The newest updates in the NFL are usually the most accurate.

Answer-Eric Fisher if the Chiefs stay put. If they move the pick, I have no clue.

Question 2-How many quarterbacks are being taken in the first round?

Another thing that I am really not sure about. I can almost promise Geno Smith will be drafted in the first round. That’s just about a consensus idea. However, a lot of analysts think maybe one or two more QBs get taken in the later picks of the first round. I have no clue who those one or two could be. Maybe Matt Barkley, maybe EJ Manuel. My bet is on Ryan Nassib. I think he has the best shot at going in the first round with Geno.

Answer-Geno is going in the first round. After that, there’s nothing for sure.

Question 3-What teams could trade their picks?

This is an interesting question. Like I said, the Chiefs could move that number 1 pick. I think the Eagles could. I think the Bills could. I think the Giants could. I’m hearing things that Dallas wants to move up (I don’t see any reason). There are a lot of possibilities. Once again, this question has no real answer.

Answer-As far as we know, nothing.

So that’s your primer for the draft. I’ll recap it all on Sunday!


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