NFL Draft RECAP!!!!

Didn’t I tell you? I had NO CLUE what was gonna happen.

I’m gonna talk about the Eagles tonight, and I might get into the other picks later on this week.

First up is Lane Johnson, offensive tackle from Oklahoma.

This kid is a solid offensive lineman. Very fast and very athletic. He’s going to shore up a solid Eagle offensive line.

Some fun facts about the draft are as follows.

The Vikings had 3 first round picks this year, the first time that has happened since 2001 with the Rams.

There were no running backs taken in the first round for the first time in the Modern Draft era.

There was only one quarterback, and it wasn’t Geno Smith.

These are facts.

This week, I will bring you through all the draft picks that I think are important. I named Lane Johnson this time so that I can follow with a blog dedicated to him this week.

Stay tuned, psycho sports people!


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