The Real Battle For Syria

Asides from the rumors of the United States arming rebels, the Obama administration hasn’t truly intervened in the ongoing Syrian conflict all that much until recently. The deployment of chemical weapons in Syria caused a major disturbance that cried for the US government to step in. However, is a US intervention truly necessary? Or is it just fresh lemonade for America’s insatiable oil thirst? Most people would argue that the purpose of an intervention is to protect refugees and civilians. Others would argue that the US is after Syrian oil fields. Unfortunately, both of those assumptions are wrong. We all wish it was just that simple; however, considering America’s Predator Drone rampage in Pakistan, it is safe to assume the Obama administration doesn’t really care about civilians, and Syria’s oil fields resemble a droplet of water in comparison to Iran’s massive ocean.

Bashar Al-Assad leader of Syrian government.
Bashar Al-Assad, leader of the Syrian government.

So one may ask, why is the United States of America meddling in this foreign mischief? Simple, the answer is oil. Not Syria’s oil, but rather Iran’s. In 2010, Syria, Iran and Iraq set a plan in motion which was set to build a pipeline connecting the south of Iran, through Syria and into Europe. Seems harmless right? Considering that all that precious oil will most likely end up in western hands. However, the original plan was to include Qatar, one of the world’s largest oil producers, and a beloved ally of the USA, to supply a pipeline that would go through turkey and into Europe. Nonetheless, Bashar Al-Assad, the ruler of Syria, decided that its enemy Sunni states shouldn’t be involved, so he denied their participation. Instead, Syria chose to stick with the Iraq and Iran plan with Russian support over the Qatar and Saudi Arabia option with American support. If Syria, Iran and Iraq  permit the involvement of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the Nabucco pipeline, a project set to diminish European dependence on Russian energy would be successful. However, Iran and Syria refuse to support the Nabucco project and decided to stick with the Syrian pipeline, also known as the Trans-Arabian . Nabucco would go through Turkey instead.

To this point it is obvious that the reason the United States wishes to topple the Assad regime is to gain control of that pipeline and restart it. This time with the main participation of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This also explains the constant intervention of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who have been supplying weapons to the Free Syrian Army and the rebels. To summarize, the pathetic excuses of the Obama administration are specifically designed to maintain the public distracted from the real intentions of the US, which are and will always be to obtain more oil. A perfect example was set in the Bush administration, where George W. Bush claimed that there were WMDs present in the region of Iraq and invaded the country. The US found no WMDs and the entire war just ended up on another pipeline that  the dutch company Shell now controls.



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