An Open Thank You to the President

Thank you for the past eight years.

Although I’ve only seen two presidents in my life, thank you for all that you’ve done.

Thank you for allowing people to criticize you before and after winning the election.

Thank you for being a benevolent spokesperson of the United States, and for meeting other leaders with dignity and class.

Thank you for letting me decide what I can do with my body. Thank you for opening some up to the idea that women deserve free rein of their bodies just as much as men do.

Thank you for creating an affordable healthcare option, so that we can have a healthier country. Thank you for disregarding the talk about money and future, and for providing safety for those who didn’t think they’d have it.

Thank you for your comedy, from talk shows to the White House Correspondents’ Dinners.

Thank you for your light-heartedness around children. It’s not every day that the president opens the White House for a Halloween party.

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Thank you for talking about tough issues with an open outlook. Thank you for disregarding taboo and speaking about what truly needs to be heard.

Thank you for sharing the love story between you and your wife for all the world to see. Thank you for sharing your elegant family with the public.

Thank you for being historical and inspiring people of color to pursue their dreams.

Thank you for showing me the good in the United States, and for accepting the bad.

Thank you for running down the halls of the White House with your dog, Bo.

Thank you for appreciating and lifting the spirits of people of color, LGBTQIA people, disabled people, and every other kind of person.

Thank you, Barack Obama, for being this country’s humble, kind, and amazing 43rd president.


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Today I came home to hear some of the best news I have all week.

President Obama hates standardized testing almost as much as I do.

The Obama administration has come up with a new plan for standardized testing; capping standardized testing to 2% of classroom time.

Someone finally understands the pressure.

I have spent the past week agonizing over my latest SAT scores.

After receiving a score that I believe it so sub-par to the standards set, I sat in my room for hours and considered my options: maybe I won’t get accepted to any colleges, maybe I should just give up now, maybe I should spend an extra three hours a day studying for this test.

For this is a test that does not demonstrate the magnitude of what I have learned throughout the course of high school, but a test that displays how well I can adapt to it’s irrelevant questions.

Questions that are completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things, questions that do not reflect how intelligent I am, or how successful I will be in my college career.

Rather, this test gives college admission teams the ability to put my knowledge into a category of advanced or average.

The pressure I have felt throughout the past four years of my life to meet the “above average” score of this test is obscene.

I have spend countless nights laying awake in my bed wondering if the work I have completed in the last four years will be dismissed because of an average test score that I have earned through sitting at a desk for four hours.

The standardized system is flawed.

There is no standard anything for a million adolescent brains that function at different paces and in different ways.

Time Travel

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Time Travel is real, and I can prove it.

Let’s start with my favorite, often referred to as the time-traveling hipster. In 1940, a photo was taken at the reopening of the South Fork bridge in Canada.

In the photo, everyone is dressed in very time-period-appropriate clothing; all except one man, who I call the Time-Traveling Hipster.

He is wearing a cardigan with a graphic tshirt. His sunglasses are very retro and his haircut does not really fit the time period.

The strangest part is what is in his hands. In his hands appears to be a DSLR camera which weren’t invented for another 50 years.

Film cameras were around during that time but they were mainly silver. His camera is black. The time traveling hipster has been debated over for years, but no conclusion has been reached.

In 2008, another unexplained mystery emerged when a Chinese archeologist opened up a 400 year-old tomb. The tomb is believed to be untouched by anyone since it was sealed 400 years ago.

But that makes it hard to explain how they found a small ring made of metal, shaped into a watch, with the time 10:06 and “Swiss” engraved on the back.

It was in the soil on the outer layer of the coffin. The ring is believed to be only 100 years old. The question is, who in 1908 would enter a tomb, not open the coffin, not loot the place, not announce the discovery, then close the tomb they were in.

The best answer would be time travelers. Maybe time travelers have a creed, and they gather research and try to leave little evidence behind.

Although another theory attempts to debunks this theory, saying it is more likely be some sort of “quantum strangeness”, where random object disappear and reappear in different places for unknown reasons.

I think that theory is far-fetched, and I’ll stick with time travel.

Of all the far-fetched stories, this next one beats them all.

It has the potential to be real, but odds are if it was, we would not know about it.

The story from Andrew D. Basiago seems to be loony. In 1970, the defense advanced research project agency A.K.A DARPA worked on a top-secret project known as Project Pegasus.

Basiago claims to be a child participant in the program. I say “claims” because all the websites are not what I would call factual. The mission statement which has not been confirmed by DARPA is to research and perform “time sensing”; it is the US time-space exploration program.

Several children were a part of this program, but I had trouble finding names. But Andrew D. Basiago says that on one of his temporal trips he was at the Gettysburg address, and he is in a photo, in which he claims to be the boy in the bottom left.

I looked at Basiago’s childhood pictures; there were very few, and in none of them he had long hair. But it would make sense that he didn’t have photos from the time he was a part of Project Pegasus.

This is either a massive government cover-up, or just a man who wants attention. Either way, the government doesn’t care, because it would be nearly impossible to prove, especially with his reputation.
Don’t take this too seriously. Most of these examples have explanations which kill imagination. I believe in time travel, and I wish I believed the stories. But whether or not I believe is not the purpose of article.

My purpose for writing this is to raise curiosity of time-space and open up minds to different views even if they are far fetched.

I Spy the United States


The NSA scandal and the shadow it has created is something the Obama Administration cannot escape. In the past days newly leaked Edward Snowden documents have shown the true extent of NSA spying.

It is now known that the NSA has actively been spying on the United Nations. President Obama even had memos directing the NSA to tone down spying on the UN. The NSA has even narrowed down their spying to specific European leaders such as Angela Merkel. According to German media it is believed the NSA has spied on Merkel since 2010.All these clams the United States denies.

If enemies do not fear you, and allies do not trust you, how do you keep your hold over the world?

A Government Shutdown?


What is a government shutdown? One would expect that it involves a government shutting down. In the United States however this is not the case. Instead government shutdown is a term Democrats and Republicans use to blame each other. It is also used to stir up fury in the American people, who would fear a dreaded shutdown.

A more accurate term for this “ government shutdown” would be a limited government cutback. In its current state the federal government is shutting down non-essential services and unfortunately jobs. Approximately 800,000 federal workers will, temporarily, lose their jobs.

A true government could occur if Democrats and Republicans cannot pass a federal budget that both agree to. The longer this government cutback lasts the larger the effect it will have on the United States and the American people. Most likely one side will cave in to the other sides demands. I find the possibility of a true compromise remote, if a budget is not created then the federal government will cease to function.

The Real Battle For Syria

Asides from the rumors of the United States arming rebels, the Obama administration hasn’t truly intervened in the ongoing Syrian conflict all that much until recently. The deployment of chemical weapons in Syria caused a major disturbance that cried for the US government to step in. However, is a US intervention truly necessary? Or is it just fresh lemonade for America’s insatiable oil thirst? Most people would argue that the purpose of an intervention is to protect refugees and civilians. Others would argue that the US is after Syrian oil fields. Unfortunately, both of those assumptions are wrong. We all wish it was just that simple; however, considering America’s Predator Drone rampage in Pakistan, it is safe to assume the Obama administration doesn’t really care about civilians, and Syria’s oil fields resemble a droplet of water in comparison to Iran’s massive ocean.

Bashar Al-Assad leader of Syrian government.
Bashar Al-Assad, leader of the Syrian government.

So one may ask, why is the United States of America meddling in this foreign mischief? Simple, the answer is oil. Not Syria’s oil, but rather Iran’s. In 2010, Syria, Iran and Iraq set a plan in motion which was set to build a pipeline connecting the south of Iran, through Syria and into Europe. Seems harmless right? Considering that all that precious oil will most likely end up in western hands. However, the original plan was to include Qatar, one of the world’s largest oil producers, and a beloved ally of the USA, to supply a pipeline that would go through turkey and into Europe. Nonetheless, Bashar Al-Assad, the ruler of Syria, decided that its enemy Sunni states shouldn’t be involved, so he denied their participation. Instead, Syria chose to stick with the Iraq and Iran plan with Russian support over the Qatar and Saudi Arabia option with American support. If Syria, Iran and Iraq  permit the involvement of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the Nabucco pipeline, a project set to diminish European dependence on Russian energy would be successful. However, Iran and Syria refuse to support the Nabucco project and decided to stick with the Syrian pipeline, also known as the Trans-Arabian . Nabucco would go through Turkey instead.

To this point it is obvious that the reason the United States wishes to topple the Assad regime is to gain control of that pipeline and restart it. This time with the main participation of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This also explains the constant intervention of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, who have been supplying weapons to the Free Syrian Army and the rebels. To summarize, the pathetic excuses of the Obama administration are specifically designed to maintain the public distracted from the real intentions of the US, which are and will always be to obtain more oil. A perfect example was set in the Bush administration, where George W. Bush claimed that there were WMDs present in the region of Iraq and invaded the country. The US found no WMDs and the entire war just ended up on another pipeline that  the dutch company Shell now controls.


A False Democracy


An entity was built a while ago.

Its purpose is not always known.

Sometimes it serves.

Other times it does not.

It’s inaction lets a nation rot.

Angry people yell and frustrate easily.

Yet never blame themselves for a problem they create.

The powerful man was given his power.

Not by sword but by the check of a ballot box.

Why should one blame an evil that they create?

It is the will and determination of one citizen that can make all the difference.

Democracy or dictatorship, in a sense the citizens choose.

When not happy a single spark of injustice can change a nation.

Change Pending (Except at the ATMs): Obama in LA

Last Sunday I went and saw Barack Obama speak at the Nokia Theater in LA.  There weren’t really many other people preforming or speaking other than Los Angeles’ Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, San Antonio’s Mayor Julian Castro, George Clooney, Earth Wind and Fire, Jennifer Hudson, Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder.

My big shirt and I at the rally

So, let’s try to do this succinctly.

Musically, Bon Jovi…was Bon Jovi (not a good thing), and Stevie Wonder…was Stevie Wonder (good thing).

Okay, now on to why I’m actually writing. Let’s go down the list of the three keynote speakers.

Antonio Villaraigosa came out looking like a promoter for San Manuel Indian Casino. His tie-less suit and unbuttoned top three buttons on his shirt made him fit right in with the LA crowd that was at the Nokia theater that night. But Villaraigosa swallowed his obvious bitterness about speaking before Julian Castro and gave a short speech to introduce the next acts and discuss his allegiance to president Obama. He threw his support behind Obama and welcomed everyone to the fund bolstering night that I was looking forward to.

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The US and its difficulties leaving Afganistan.

As many of us know, President Obama has made strides to end the unpopular war in Afghanistan. The US military wishes to transition Afghanistan from a US defended country into an Afghan defended country. The US military’s plan to pull out of Afghanistan by 2014 has reached several snags.

For one there is concern that the former Taliban regime will return as US forces prepare to leave the country. This issue in recent weeks has become a more prevalent problem. On August 12th, 2012 a man disguised as an Afghan police officer opened fired on afghan policemen and US Marines. It is believed that this man was affiliated with the Taliban.

This prompted General John Allen to issue an order that all US soldiers must carry loaded weapons on military bases in Afghanistan. These recent events have only served to weaken US-Afghanistan relations.

Get Out and Vote

This will be the first year that I can vote, and I am very excited for it.

Most of my friends don’t understand why I would be excited and why I care so much, which usually ends with me calling them ignorant.

To set the scene, I have gone over the ballots with my parents for as long as I can remember. They were not trying to brainwash me; they always asked me what I though of a proposition or a candidate before they spoke their mind.

I learned to read the laws and understand them in a greater sense. It was always something I enjoyed and became excited about. I was much more likely to be conversing with my teachers about politics than my peers.

And now I am able to actually vote. It feels like a freedom to me, something that is meant to be cherished. As much as my friends may go on about it not mattering if one person votes, it does. Especially in the primaries, one vote does matter.

I feel that if more children were exposed to politics and encouraged to be informed even though they could not vote, we would have much higher turn outs.

After all, a democracy does not work without voter participation. If we want to keep the freedoms that we hold dear, we must have a voice as a people. That starts, and ends, with have a politically educated youth system.