One of the foremost arguments of today is the issue of whether abortion is humane, and whether or not it should be legal. Protesters line the streets with signs and banners crying out that abortion is murder, it goes against the Bible, and must be made illegal. But should it really? Most women who get an abortion have good reason to do so, whether the baby was conceived in unconventional circumstances, they aren’t in a position to care for a child, or can’t financially support one. And then there’s the fact that no baby should be brought into the world unwanted.

I realize that this is an extremely sensitive subject, and rightly so. There is research saying that when a fetus is aborted, it doesn’t feel a thing. And there is research claiming the exact opposite. Surprisingly though, it’s not quite as cut and dry as some people seem to think.

There are actually three different ways an abortion can be performed. The first, which is only effective during the first nine weeks of a pregnancy, is the abortion pill. Taking it induces what resembles a miscarriage, but it is less accurate than the in-clinic abortions available. To me, though, it seems like the best option.

The other two options are in-clinic, or surgeries. The fetus is vacuumed out and the womb is cleaned, although one is used only for very late-term pregnancies.

There are so many unknown facts behind the controversial procedure. Besides the different ways of completing it, there are the different reasons for deciding to have an abortion. I don’t believe that it could be an easy decision for anyone, and that if it is an easy decision, that person would most likely not be a fit mother. There are financial considerations as well, where if the family is unable to support a child properly, they might decide to hold off until they are able to give a newborn a situation befitting its status.

Many women decide not to have their baby because of the way it was conceived. If it was an unpleasant experience she wishes to forget, she may fear that the child would constantly remind her of something she wishes to forget. In this case, she may come to resent her child, which is an attitude no mother should even risk having towards their child.

A large number of pregnant teens consider the option of abortion. Having the baby would mean giving up their own personal dreams, which is either a fact the teen cannot come to accept, or fears she will resent. There is also the major factor that they are just too young. They haven’t yet had the worldly experiences that can make a mother so great. I’m not saying that’s true for all of them, I’m just saying many of them aren’t ready.

As hard as this may be to hear, or read, I believe that these are valid reasons to have an abortion. I also believe that every woman should have the right to choose whether or not they are suited to be a mother. There are already too many families not suited to raise a child but who are doing so anyway. In my opinion, that’s a decision for each individual to determine on her own. I also firmly believe that no child should come into the world unwanted. That is absolutely something that I hold to be true. And because of that, I believe that every woman should have the right to choose, if not for herself, then for the baby’s sake.


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