Let’s Talk About the Super Bowl

As a Colorado resident, watching the Super Bowl yesterday was a bit embarrassing. The Broncos haven’t exactly been the strongest team in the past, but this year they improved considerably. The fact that they made it to the Super Bowl is pretty impressive in itself. Their performance during the Super Bowl was not.

The commercials were the most interesting part.

The Chevy Silverado commercial was a riot, and the Maserati commercial was probably the deepest car commercial I’ve ever seen. And Budweiser, of course, left eyes watering with their adorable puppy commercial. I was impressed by the commercials, although some people have claimed them to be lackluster this year.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the halftime performance. I did not have very high expectations for Bruno Mars, but his dancing and attire made up for his cheesy lyrics. He was better than Madonna at least.

So basically everything about the Super Bowl except for the actual football part was pretty cool. The football was just sad. It left a lot to be desired for a much-talked about match up. And even though I was rooting for the Broncos, I can’t be completely angry at the Seahawks for bringing home their first championship.


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