Pretty much everybody has a slew of embarrassing nicknames. If you don’t, your family is way too nice. Over the years, thanks to my wonderful dad and brothers, I have accumulated quite the collection of nicknames. All but one are pretty embarrassing, which made my brothers way too happy.

When we were younger, my brothers would insert my name into the song “Yankee Doodle.” And if that wasn’t bad enough, I also became Daffy Duck. When they first started with those nicknames, it would make me even angrier at them than I usually was. Since then, I have come to accept the fact that I just make them do it more by creating a fuss about it. So I’ve learned to embrace it — or at least pretend that I have.

The worst is when your family slips and tells your friends some of your nicknames, or worse, your evil teacher who then coins even more embarrassing nicknames. Thanks, Dad.

Those aren’t my only two nicknames, and I will admit that I probably have more than the average person. But I am definitely not the only one with a family who takes joy in embarrassing me, and I’m not the only one with a nickname. I would think everyone knows what I’m talking about.


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