Underwear For Sale

Nowadays, Americans are so materialistic that they’ll go to great measures to own anything once belonging to someone famous.

For example, many girls between ages 10-16 would go crazy over Harry Styles’ used tissue. To be in possession of an item that he once touched, no matter what it is, would be honorable to them.

Currently, Queen Victoria‘s bloomers are being sold for nearly $10,000. Although appealing to a different audience, it is ridiculous nonetheless. Granted, they did belong to a past queen, but to pay thousands to own a pair of underwear seems absurd.

Photo Credit: http://www.express.co.uk

These bloomers are not the only item of Queen Victoria’s from the 1890’s that were sold – her stockings went for about $2,000.

Besides the fact that she was the queen, a selling point for these articles is their size – she wore them at an older age, after having eaten lots.

Society is so focused on materials, and “brand names”. This scores someone a pair of ancient royal panties, so really, there’s no problem.

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