An Abundance of Autumn

However it is celebrated, autumn is a season to rejoice – the weather becomes colder and Halloween is just around the corner.

Although some don’t love the cold, to most it means oversized sweaters, and relaxing in the fresh air. California’s hot weather is nice for a while, but by the time fall rolls around, many are grateful for the change.

The smell of leaves changing is an important aspect of autumn – it embodies the season perfectly. Here, there aren’t enough trees to jump into leaf piles, but it’s nice nonetheless.

By the time fall comes along, Halloween is in the near future, and is already highly anticipated. Whether that means preparing a costume, or just enjoying all the spirit, Halloween is an exciting Holiday.

Not only is autumn important on its own, but it is the gateway into the winter holidays, which leads to an abundance of spirit. As a whole, fall is a wonderful season, filled with many great features.

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