A New Addition!

Out of date, rusty and constantly in need of repair, Alvarez’s beloved stapler has finally been retired. In its place is a brand new eco-friendly stapler, bought specifically for the classroom by his wife, Tracy.

The old office supply was a hindrance to the classroom – causing anxiety for history and journalism students alike. It always failed to staple papers together, which did happen to be its only job. It survived years of battery and was even recently stolen.

Sick of constantly having to borrow a stapler from others, Alvarez finally invested in this fine piece of equipment, which he has skillfully labeled with his name. Copious amounts of tape was used to brand this item, however it is for good reason. There will never be any confusion as to whose stapler it is, and if it is ever missing it will be easy to find.

Although the tape is contradictory to the fact that the stapler is eco-friendly, the stapler itself is a huge improvement, not only to the classroom, but to Alvarez’s well-being.

Photo Credit: http://www.teachersdiary.com


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