The “epidemic” of our generation. Researchers or something have come up with the term “text neck,” which is a sort of condition you can get from texting. Symptoms include bad posture, neck and/or back pains, and can lead to spine degeneration and surgery.

Ooh technology, you’ve got us now!

Or do you?

See, I get “reader’s neck.” And “writer’s neck.” And “artist’s neck.” Oh, and “carving into tracing paper with a small, sharp knife neck.”

Photo credit to http://benjaminharrismusings.blogspot.com

Oh look, no modern tech in this picture. That looks sooo comfortable, doesn’t it? I bet nobody lectures him about “scribe’s neck.”

I’m not saying that text neck doesn’t exist. I’m saying that maybe some things matter more than text neck.

How about the constantly hurting spine of the tall senior in a minuscule desk? Seriously, he looks like a titan in the desk.

Or perhaps the fact that there is almost literally no way to read a book comfortably on your bed. When I get into the story, I stop moving for hours. And then I “wake up” feeling like a ton of bricks had been stacked onto my neck.

How about I broaden this topic and say that probably everything we do is harming our body in some odd way? Yeah, let’s do that.