Waka Flocka Fame

On April 20th, rapper Waka Flocka Flame announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election.

Waka first promised to run in 2012 when he tweeted, stating his plans. Keeping to his words, he is now running with DJ Whoo Kid as Vice President.

This announcement was made on 4/20 – also known as national weed day. And this is by no coincidence. Waka’s first reform as president would be to legalize marijuana.

He went on to announce other questionable changes. Waka would ban people with shoe sizes 13+ from sidewalks, prohibit dogs from restaurants and require citizens to memorize his lyrics. If people didn’t study his music, he said, they’d be sent back to third grade.

A comment which enraged many, was his belief that women don’t need any more rights. However, he would like to raise minimum wage, which would benefit many.

Most citizens would agree that Waka’s political claims are absolutely absurd. First of all, he is known for being ignorant about politics, and is now trying to run for president. His presidential goals are mostly irrelevant to the current issues in the world, and he doesn’t appear very knowledgeable about what he is truly doing.

The epitome of naive, Waka’s path to potential presidency will be a sight to see!

Photo Credit: factmag-images.s3.amazonaws.com


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