Perpetual Addiction

A constant fight between adults and teenagers is the apparent crisis of technology, and the misconception that teenagers are addicted.

Yes, teenagers use technology a lot. But so do adults! Even if teenagers use it in the form of social media and adults to check email, both are online. Plain and simple.

Another misconception is that the current teenage generation is the first ever to be antisocial. Before we were on our phones, other generations were just as invested in reading books or newspapers, or listening to the radio. Heck, this could go all the way back to knitting by the fire or crocheting a new hat!

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Honestly, the current generation is probably more social than the last, since phones enable us to talk to others and stay connected.

Basically, to say that our generation is the first to be antisocial is entirely false. People have been antisocial, or invested in a certain belonging for as long as people have been on earth!

It’s human nature, people.

As times change, belongings and interests change with them. What’s important, however, is that awareness remains constant.

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