New Ideas For Halloween

Every Halloween there seems to be a myriad of Wednesday Addams, Wes Anderson characters and cats. This year, why not try something different

Instead of being Wednesday Addams try Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.

Her costume is fairly easy.  You just need a black dress (you can even find this at a thrift store), a floppy black hat and black shoes.  Add some dark makeup and you’re done!
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Rather than being a Wes Anderson character like Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom, try being a camper from Wet Hot American Summer.  These costumes are fun and easy.  All you need are 80’s teenager basics, and these are easily found at American Apparel.  This is a great group costume too.
Credit to the New York Times

Then comes the infamous cat, the costume teenage girls tend to gravitate to every year.  Lets try to leave the cat in the past and go with some cute woodland creatures.  Foxes and deer are oh so cute and make awesome costumes.  You can wear a cute and comfy dress and put on some makeup and you’re ready!
credit to Brit and co