Boys with Attitude

Photo Credit:

Mr. Killeen assigned a project to his chemistry students to research an element of their choice, but there was also extra credit involved.

This extra credit was to create a periodic table song and play it for the class. One song definitely got my attention. That memorable song was from Liam, Kase, and Jacob’s LIVE performance.

Unlike the other songs – it was not edited, auto-tuned, and more on a laptop, but nevertheless, a performance.

When asked their group name before they went “on stage” their reply was: “White Boys with Attitude.”

The boys did a spoof of “Straight Outta Compton”, but instead of a rap, the boys were just shouting different elements on the periodic table. 

Kase, one of the group members, also dressed for the part in a hat, 3-D movie theater sunglasses, and a microphone.

“Straight Outta Carbon” was hit with the students, and a chemistry class one would be hard pressed to forget.

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