The 5 Most Beautiful French Châteaus

When I was scrolling through my Instagram this morning I ran across a photo that was a link to an article Vogue had posted.

The article was about an Australian couple who are renovating a gorgeous château in the South of France. So I decided to do a round of up of the most amazing Châteaus France has to offer. (Let’s be real, pretty much all French Châteaus are winners.)

5. This Winter Wonderland Château

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It reminds me of the house in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video. Enough said.

4. The Château that Inspired this Post

Photo Credit: Vogue

Between the creeper vines growing up the house and the amazing driveway, I am envious of the owners of this estate.

3. This Grand Château

Photo Credit:

This Château is majestic in the grandest sense. With the light layer of snow all around and the beautiful architecture, I am having serious house FOMO.

2. This Beauty

Photo Credit:

Though this picture is worth a thousand words, LOOK HOW MAJESTIC. This should be in a Disney movie.

  1. Valentino Garavani’s Château de Wideville

Photo Credit: iTunes/ E!

Remember on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode of Kim and Kanye’s wedding when the whole clan casually were invited to Valentino’s Chateau for a celebratory wedding brunch?

Well I do, and I must say GOALS. This Château is jaw dropping. From the beautiful interior, to the amazing gardens, Valentino’s Château definitely secures the place as #1.

And since this is the #1 Château here are some more amazing pictures of the grounds and of my favorite episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians (no regrets).

Photo Credit: iTunes/ E!


Photo Credit: iTunes/ E!

And of course, Versailles is amazing in every sense, but if it was in the list, there wouldn’t be much competition.

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