My Apologies to Librarians

I don’t enjoy reading books.

I don’t like sitting starring at a delicate browning page reading words that always get lost in my head

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Now, I know I have probably offended more than 75% of the populations, and if my English teacher is reading this than you are probably deeply saddened by my epiphany.

I don’t exactly know why I don’t like reading books

Maybe its because when I do read its for all the wrong reasons. I never read for fun, I read because of an assignment.

Maybe it dates back to when I was first learning how to read. There was a lot of throwing, and crying and screaming. All around it was a traumatizing experiencing for everyone involved especially me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I take a dive into the world of books every now and again. When a book catches my eye I look on audible and get listening, but somehow reading a jumble of letters on a page coming together to create a story doesn’t tickle my fancy.

Now this being said I don’t think that reading is evil. If you enjoy it all the more power to you, but please when I say that I don’t like it, don’t look at me like that, you know exactly what look I’m talking about.

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